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Francisco Faria - Tennis Coach


My name is Francisco Faria (Kiko), and I am a college tennis player graduating in May with a Master\\\’s degree. My highest UTR is 13.2 and I have been coaching for 8 years during Summer breaks and even during school years, both private and group lessons, as well as being a travel coach for ITF players as a freelancer. I am extremely dynamic, hard-working, and eager to learn everyday, as I believe we never stop improving as coaches. I am looking forward to starting my full-time coaching career in May! See you on the court!


Even though I do not have coaching certifications, I have 8 years of coaching experience and I am planning on taking my first couple certifications starting in 2024. However, I have been playing tennis for almost 17 years and some of my key accomplishments as a player consist of:

  • ITA Senior player of the year in 2022
  • Attained ATP ranking, achieving a peak UTR of 13.2
  • Secured top position in Portugal’s U18 category and got selected to Portuguese U18 National Team in 2015
  • Earned title of NAIA ITA Regional Singles Champion and emerged as a National Singles Finalist in 2021
  • Recognized as an ITA All-American in 2022
  • Awarded GSC First-Team distinction in 2023
  • Achieved highest ranking of #2 in NAIA in 2022

Academically, I graduated with a degree in International Business (GPA of 3.7) from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL and I am also about to graduate with an MBA (current GPA of 3.9) from Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

Coaching times & fees

Only available to start in May 2024. Fees depend on the job conditions.

Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, I started playing the sport that I love when I was 9 years old and I have never stopped ever since. I practiced my whole life in Porto until I moved to the United States when I was 20, to play college tennis.

I am very passionate about music and sports, especially soccer (do not forget I am from the same country as Cristiano Ronaldo), and I do not miss a chance to play it every time I am back home. I love traveling and I was lucky enough to reach a level that allowed me to travel and get to know different countries and cultures.


Olivet Nazarene University (Undergrad) | Lee University (Master’s Degree)                                                                                                                                                                   2018 to Present

Team Captain & Part-Time Tennis Coach

Guide a diverse range of tennis enthusiasts, from children to adults, through individual and group coaching sessions. Contribute to planning and execution of member events, leading to a noticeable boost in event-related profits.

  • Coached prospective players for Lee University tennis program, guiding 16 and 17-year-olds with potential to join team in future.
  • Established and managed a highly successful tennis clinic, achieving a nearly twofold increase in participation, all accomplished without utilization of formal marketing strategies.
  • Led Olivet’s Men’s Tennis Team for an entire season while being a player, due to lack of coaching staff. Tasks included planning practices on and off the court as well as implementing them.

Associacao de Tenis do Porto, Porto, Portugal                                                              2021

Operations Assistant Manager

Managed operations as an intern at Associacao, offering assistance to the management team. Assisted in managing and organizing office operations, including handling correspondence, managing files, and maintaining office supplies. Provided administrative support to ensure smooth and efficient daily operations. Collaborated with team members to implement changes and streamline operations.

  • Governed budgeting and planning of three tournaments, including one national championship and two international tournaments.

Adventure Church, Bourbonnais, IL                                                                                      2019 to 2020

Soccer Coach for U12

Provided guidance and training to young athletes, fostering an environment of teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development. Led team to achieve success, including winning a two-month tournament against six other teams. Designed and implemented age-appropriate training sessions to improve players’ technical skills, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and basic tactical understanding.

Additional Experience                                                                         2016 to 2023

Tennis Coach at Mountain-Tennis (Salzburg, Austria), Tennis Lovers (Porto, Portugal), Instituto Politecnico do Porto (Porto, Portugal), Corgas Club (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal), and Toda-a-Prova (Porto, Portugal)

Private Travel Coach

  • Engaged in freelance coaching services, independently securing opportunities through networking and word of mouth.
  • Coordinated with two distinct individuals during summers of 2022 and 2023, establishing productive coaching relationships outside of formal organizational structures.
  • Coached a 16-year-old German player during a week-long tournament in my hometown in Portugal.
  • Impressed player’s father with my coaching approach, leading to an extended engagement the following year.
  • Traveled to NY to coach 13-year-old player for nine-week duration, overseeing on-court training, fitness sessions, and game analysis.
  • Secured opportunity through a personal recommendation from a coaching colleague who had previously worked with the player.
  • Managed a demanding schedule of 25 to 30 hours per week, training and supporting athlete during tournaments on weekends.


You won't find a better person or coach than Kiko. He has served as our team captain for the past two years and has been instrumental in the success of our program. He is also fantastic in our community and has taught several adults children in the area (including my own). He's a great player and coach, but an even better person. He is driven to be great, and is going to be a valuable asset wherever he goes! Cannot recommend this guy highly enough!

Patric Hynes / Head Coach / Lee University


Kiko is not only a player who plays with utmost passion and effort, but he applies this to those around him. With the natural skills of being a leader, he gives his all not only to better his own performance, but to his teammates and those around him as well. He is an embodiment of a “team player” and constantly seeks to improve those around him. While being a player here at Lee University, he has also filled the role of being a coach in the sense that he never hesitates to help his teammates with improvement in their game, skills, fitness, etc. Kiko will succeed wherever he goes not because he tries to, but because the 110% effort that he gives towards anything is natural and non-negotiable.

Denis Muratovic / Teammate and Assistant Coach / Lee University