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Laalitya Kalluri - WTA Tennis Player


Laalitya Reddy

Hello One & All – My Name is Laalitya ( known as Lali), I am a 19 year old professional tennis player playing on the ITF/WTA circuit since the last 3 years. I currently live in Pune, India but I originally come from a small country town in India called Telangana. I moved to the capital city at the age of 14 to pursue my dreams of being a professional tennis player & one day want to see myself playing in the top 100 WTA circuit.

Education & Rankings
  • Education – Completed my school in SM choksey, currently studying BBA second year in P. Jog college
  • Ranking – Current WTA Singles ranking 1323 and doubles – 1278

Playing experience

I first picked up the racquet at the age of 13, practiced few months and played local tournament in my home country until I was 16 years old before move to big platform at ITF.

My junior ITF career was short, spending about 6 months on junior circuit and observing my talent and game style my coaches suggested to test myself at women’s Circuit at country level.

In that time I performed well and won 2 singles and doubles title and making multi singles semis and finals on a national level.

I have been on the women’s ITF tour now for 3 years, competing on the circuit an average of 15-20 weeks a year. My career high ranking and achievement is 1323WTA singles in 2022 & doubles WTA ranking 1276

About you

Date of birth – 12.10.2003
Hand Used – Right Handed
Height – 5’7
Racket – Solinco Blackout / Solinco Hyper G
Clothing – Nike / Adidas
Shoes – Asics
Any Sponsors – None
Favourite Player – Serena Williams / Steffi Graph
Career Aspirations – I would love to be able to make a living out of tennis and to inspire everyone that anything is possible. To be another India number 1 would be a massive achievement for me.
Favourite Tournament – Wimbledon
Best Surface – Clay
Best Win – 1200 WTA
Goals for the coming year –For 2025 my goal is to get my WTA singles ranking inside the top 200 and to compete on tour for 30-40 weeks of the year. Staying healthy and happy remains one of by biggest goals to date.
Favourite Quote – Be someone who makes everybody feel like somebody & Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies
  • Mr. Hemant Bendre – HBTA Tennis Academy
  • Mr. Ketan Dhumal – AIM Tennis Academy
  • Mr. Dragan – APMTA Maha foundation tennis academy
  • Mr. Arnav Goel – Thirty 40 Tennis Academy
  • Mr. Stephen koon-impact tennis academy


I know Laalitya for 7 years and in that time I have been fortunate enough to witness Laalitya’s growth not only as person but as an athlete . With Laalitya you always have consistency in max effort and it’s never a question and always applies the attitude of “no stone unturned “ when it comes to improving on a day to day basis. A gritty competitor, with a positive outlook. Laalitya is a vibrant character that makes dealing with adversity as an athlete a lot easier to pull through and always upholds strong values of respecting her peers and team around her. I wish Laalitya every bit of success on this exciting journey

Coach Ketan Dhumal


I am writing this reference in recommendation of my daughter Laalitya Smith who is seeking sponsorship to further her Tennis Career. Laalitya has some amazing qualities about her. She is a very strong minded person and gives 100 percent of herself to anything she undertakes in doing. She is extremely dedicated, energetic ,and very positive while being a very caring and friendly natured person who will do anything to help others. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in helping her with sponsorship. Sincerely Yours

Coach Dragan – Miami Tennis Academy USA


The biggest standout in Laalitya for me is her big heart, both on and off the court. On court, she wears her heart on her sleeve, competes hard and is a competitor you know who will not give in. If ever I want to put in a big training session, I know Laalitya is always the one to put up her hand to join. Off court, her big heart spreads kindness and she cares deeply about those around her. She’s one of the most genuine people I’ve met, and is continually seeking ways to improve herself. Laalitya is someone who I try to surround myself with as she helps me to be a better person.

Coach Arnav Goel – Thirty 40 Academy Spain