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Laure-Line Monnoyer - Tennis Player / Coach


I am Laure-Line Monnoyer, a professional tennis coach with robust experience in coaching at luxury resorts like One&Only Le Saint Geran and Amanjena, and at respected tennis clubs and academies. Specializing in high-performance coaching, I focus on elevating competitive players skills, strategic understanding, and mental resilience. With a professional playing background and an MBA in Digital Business Marketing, I blend advanced coaching techniques with innovative strategies to help players achieve excellence.

  • Certified Professional Tennis Coach and Padel
  • Ranked Belgian tennis player with a B-15/4 (44 national) level (equivalent to -15 in France)
  • MBA Candidate specializing in Digital Business Marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management
  • Trained and competed at the prestigious Justine Henin Academy

Further information
  • Active Member of the International Tennis Federation (ITF)
  • Belgian Tennis Federation (AFT)
  • European Tennis Association

Growing up in a modest family, I developed my skills in Belgium, a country known for producing tennis talent. I quickly progressed to compete internationally, winning numerous national tournaments. Beyond tennis, I am deeply interested in digital business strategies, pursuing an MBA to integrate these cutting-edge approaches into sports management. When not coaching or studying, I enjoy exploring new cultures through travel, reading extensively in sports psychology, and participating in community sports events.


Starting as a competitive player, I transitioned into coaching, where I have since shaped the futures of numerous aspiring and professional athletes. My coaching journey began in earnest at the renowned Justine Henin Academy in Belgium, where I honed my skills under the guidance of top-tier professionals and collaborated closely with some of the best talents in the sport.

My career took a significant leap forward when I joined the team at Amanjena, Marrakech. Here, I implemented a high-performance training program that catered to both the technical and strategic needs of players. My approach, which blends intensive skill development with psychological resilience training, was credited with elevating the overall guest experience, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction rates. The success of this program underscored my ability to adapt coaching strategies to suit elite resort environments, a skill that I carried over to my next role at One&Only Le Saint Geran in Mauritius. At Le Saint Geran, I not only continued to develop high-level training programs but also collaborated with another coach to ensure consistency and quality, further enhancing the resort’s luxury sporting offerings.

In addition to my on-court achievements, I am currently pursuing an MBA in Digital Business Marketing at Grenoble Ecole de Management. This advanced education is equipping me with the tools to integrate cutting-edge marketing strategies into sports management, ensuring that my coaching programs are not only effective but also widely recognized and respected within the industry.

I have also worked extensively in club settings, including at Waterloo Tennis Club, where I was responsible for coaching players of all ages and skill levels, from local enthusiasts to budding professionals. This role affirmed my versatility as a coach capable of inspiring and developing talent at every stage of the tennis journey.

My commitment to tennis extends beyond coaching. I am an active participant in the broader tennis community, regularly engaging in seminars, workshops, and discussions that aim to advance the sport’s development. I am eager to bring my comprehensive expertise and passion for tennis coaching to new and exciting environments, where I can continue to contribute to the growth and success of players and the sport itself.


Tennis Coach at the magni�cent 5-stars hotel "Le Saint Geran". Six months immersed with regular clients while working in a team with another coach. Le Saint Geran is part of the One and Only hotels.

Tennis and Padel Coach in Mauritus


Director Tennis Coach at the 5-stars hotel "Amanjena". Amanjena is part of the famous Aman hotels.

Tennis Coach in Morocco


Full-time coach for the Waterloo Tennis competition club, covering all tennis levels and ages.

Tennis Coach Club Belgium


Full scolarship as a tennis athlete division 1 program at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, USA. Member of the Ragin Cajuns D1 tennis team.

Tennis Player University of Louisiana Division 1


Full-time professional individualized training (28 hours of sport per week) at the "Tennis Club du Parc", from September to June, with Mr. Xavier Descamps. (contact upon request). Participation in numerous national tournaments (best result: victory).

Professional tennis player


Member of the Pro Team at Justine Henin Academy, Belgium. High-level training and competitions. General Humanities High School Diploma (Baccalaureate) obtained. Numerous participations in WOMEN D1 tournaments on the Belgian tennis circuit. Sponsored by Hope & Spirit, Belgium. Contacts upon request: Justine Henin, Fabrice Darimont, Julien Martinquet, Michaël Verhulst.

Tennis player Pro Team at Justine Henin Academy