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Lourenço Nunes - Tennis Coach


Hello, my name is Lourenço Nunes, I’m Portuguese with 22 years old. At the moment, I’m a level 1 coach trained by Federação Portuguesa de Ténis. I’ve been playing tennis since I was 5 years old and I competed until I turned 18, competing in the national tournaments TE and ITF jr, becoming tennis coach after that. I worked in CETO Tennis Academy for almost a year and right now I am working at Clube Ténis CAD for the past 3 years. I already worked with a Top-200 ITF jr player and many other ITF players. The top players I am working now, have earned National titles and are on top 150 GS and on top 350 BS TE U14.

  • High School Diploma, Escola Secundária Sebastião e Silva, Oeiras

       July 2021

  • Tennis Coach Graduation Level 1, Federação Portuguesa de Ténis

       December 2022

Coaching times & fees

Looking for a tennis academy opportunity abroad.

Further information

Federação Portuguesa de Ténis

Associação de Ténis de Lisboa

I’m a very dedicated coach, who “sees” the athlete as one person and starts the competitive training from inside out. Listening, practicing, correcting and above all caring about all features, pains and advantages. I’m a very strict, demanding and pushing coach, as I truly believe that champions are built from practice, hard work and dedication.  I’ve been training all ages, all levels from beginners to seniors, including competition players, but my main passion is the competition level. My dream is to create good players, great people and competitive champions. Besides tennis, I love to play football with my friends once in a while, surf to get the necessary nature connection as I’m a very sea connected person. At home, I like to cook and spend time with my family and friends.





Experience as a tennis player

Top 30 under 14 Portugal ranking

Top 500 Tennis Europe

Experience as a tennis coach

2020-2021 – CETO

Since 2021 – CAD