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Lucas Villar - Tennis coach


Lucas Villar

  1. My name is Lucas Villar. I have been  Tennis Coach since 2009, gaining advanced experience with players, specifically from Under 12 to Junior ITF competitive level .  Tennis has always been a passion, I have played competitively in Argentina, and it became my dream job in 2009 when I started coaching high competitive level

  • Certified by AAT (Argentinian Certification)

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Lucas direct for more information on his availability and coaching fees.
  • He can be contacted either by email on lucasvillartenniscoach@hotmail.com
  • Or using Telephone / WhatsApp on +34695700802 or +5491160389019

Further information
  • AAT – Argentinian Tennis Federation
  • 4Slam Tennis Academy, Barcelona


I was born on the 31st October 1993 and I started playing tennis at the age of 9.

I am a certified coach by AAT and last employer was 4SLAM academy in Barcelona (Spain). My tennis experience also comprehends biomechanics video analysis  and I speak fluent spanish (mother tongue) and English.

I love any kind of sports activity, but tennis has always been a passion of mine. I play it as much as I can, be it in competition or just training for personal satisfaction.

Tennis coaching for me is the best way to give something back to a sport that basically taught me how to live and compare my skills with others.

I like to get involved in new adventures and experiences and I always have positive attitude, remain cheerful and professional at work


Work experience -Tennis coach all levels initation and competition

  • 4SLAM TENNIS ACADEMY (Barcelona – Casteldefells) –  Tennis coach from 2022 -2023
  • SUPERTENIS ESCUELA Cervecería Quilmes (training, pre-competition and competition school) (Buenos Aires) 2021
  • 4SLAM TENNIS ACADEMY (Barcelona – Casteldefells) – Tennis coach from September 2019 to September  2020
  • INTERNATIONAL BARCELONA TENNIS ACADEMY (Barcelona – Cornella) – May to November 2019
  • CLUB TENNIS CASTELDEFELLS CTC, (Barcelona-Casteldefells) June – July 2019
  • TENNIS WORLD (Victoria – Australia) sparring partner December – January 2018
  • SUPERTENIS ESCUELA Cervecería Quilmes (training, pre-competition and competition school) (Buenos Aires) February 2015- December 2019
  • CLUB COMUNICACIONES (group training and sparring partner) (Buenos Aires CABA) December 2015- December 2016
  • TOWER PROMENADE private training, personalized adult training and private classes (Buenos Aires) May 2014- December 2017
  • CLUB DE AMIGOS (sports initiation and training initiation) (Buenos Aires, Palermo) May 2015-December 2017
  • SUDAMERICA TENNIS CLUB (Buenos Aires – Wilde) dec 2014- dec 2015
  • GARDEN TENNIS CLUB (Buenos Aires – Quilmes) group of junior training and ITF April 2013- June 2014
  • CLUB QUILMES (Buenos Aires – Quilmes) Jul 2010-Dec 2013
  • BARRIO PRIVADO ANEXO ALEMAN QUILMES (competition and private classes) Buenos Aires argentina December. 2011-February 2012
  • CLUB LOS COOPERARIOS (tennis school and pre-competition) (Buenos Aires – Quilmes-Argentina) February 2009- December 2012


I hereby inform you that Lucas Ricardo Villar has worked at 4Slam Tennis Academy, a tennis academy that provides training and highly qualified preparation to turn your students into players tennis professionals, from September 2019 to August 2020 as a tennis coach. During the months he has worked with us he has proven to be a good hard-working, committed, faithful achiever of the tasks entrusted, a person integral and serious. Has shown concern and desire to improve, train and update your knowledge. Therefore, I have no objection to recommend him widely, I consider that he is a person capable of face new work and professional challenges.

Jairo V. Andreu - Fernando Vicente - Director 4Slam Tennis Academy SL