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Marc Höcker - Tennis Coach


Hi everyone, my name is Marc Höcker. I am a former tennis professional player from Germany and I am working as a tennis coach since 25 years plus now. I have had the privillage to work with top players and coaches, like Marc- Kevin Goellner, Robert Orlik, Patrick Kuehnen and Barbara Rittner. I do speak 4 differnet languages, which there are: German, English, Spanish and Italian ( all fluently ) and I am now willing to relocate to the United States of America. Please reach out anytime – THANK YOU .


State-certified tennis coach (DTB / VDT A certified )
Former ITF & ATP player (1992 – 1997)
Former German ranking player (1992.
Former Bundesliga squad Rochusclub Düsseldorf with Detlev J. Irmler
Spanish ranking player (1999-2004)
Vice Canary Masters 2001 Canary Masters

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open and negociable

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  1. I am open minded and reliable and I love what I do. I like to work in professional environments and share my experiences with others. Appart of that, I love to make music and of course I love all kind of sports.


I am deditacated to all I love to do and also imy work environment. This is very important to me and I would like to keep it that way. I have had the privilige to work with lots of top coaches and top players and in addition with my personal experiemces, I do believe, that I will be a good fit for Tennis Academies all over the world, as I also do speak 4 differnet languages. Feeling blessed and humbled about  these opportunities and experiences.

Willing to move and relocate to the United States of America



TC BW Oberweier – Oberweier ( Baden-Württemberg – Germany
Tennis coaching at the Tennis Club with all level of players and ages. Coaching and performing tennis
lessons with ATP players who are ranked between 300 and 900 ATP TOUR ( like Dayne Kelly ( AUS ) –
Franco Capalbo ( ARG ) – Niccolo Cattini ( ITA , Sandro Ehrad ( SUI ), Paul Wörner ( GER )) etc

Robert Orlik Tennis Academy ( RTHC Bayer Leverkusen ) Cologne– Germany
Professional Tennis Coach and working with ranked tennis players ( national and International ( ATP
& WTA players ). High performance Tennis Coaching in the Academy with Robert Orlik, who hast
coached for more than 18 years on the ATP TOUR.

Tennis Academy Jean – Claude Scherrer / Wangen Schwyz – Switzerland
Tennis coach for all levels. Tennis performance center for team and tournament players (including
junior ITF players and ranked players)

Tennis Academy Marc-Kevin Goellner / Cologne Germany
Tennis coach for ITF and team players / tournament players, performance training

Robinson Club Jandia Playa Fuerteventura / Spain
Tennis Coach for all levels. Collaborations with tennis camps with Barbara Rittner, Patrick Kühnen,
Dirk Dier and Marc Kevin Göllner.

USPTA Oahu Hawaii, Kailua Racquet Club / United States USA
Tennis Head Coach Kailua Racquet Club Bruce Nagel Tennis Academy. Individual and group lessons
for all levels and USPTA tournament players.

Florida State University, Tallahessee FL / United States USA
Tennis and specific Tennis Fitness Coach for all levels. Training of university team cadres and
tournament players of the ITF Tour. Tennis-specific training and fitness training for students and

USTA New York, Rhinebeck Tennis Club / United States USA
Tennis Head Coach Hudson Valley, Rhinebeck – New York. Bob Myerson Tennis Academy. Tennis
training for teams, ITF and USTA players. Conducting tennis camps. Management of the tennis
department and tournament support. USTA Award Winner for Best Tennis School in the Hudson

Spoken Languages: German, English, Spanish & Italian( all fluently


TC BW Oberweier, Germany , Baden-Württemberg

Tennis Coach


Marc-Kevin Goellner Tennis Academy

Tennis Coach


Robert Orlik Tennis Academy ROTA

Tennis Coach


Jean-Claude Scherrer Tennis Academy

Tennis Coach


Kailua Tennis Club

Tennis Coach


Rhinebeck Tennis Club

Tennis Coach