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Marie Lou Faoro - Tennis Coach


My name is Marie Lou, from France living in Geneva Switzerland.

I am an ex pro tennis player, I lived in usa Florida for more then 3 years and a half, in china for a 1 and a half, and in Spain a 1 and a half for the tennis in Justine Henin Academy.

I speak: French, English, Spanish, Chinese.


Tennis coach for over 6 years, experience with junior and pro players.

My diploma:


  • Tennis coaching


  • Nutrition


  • Therapeutic Sports Massage


  • Chinese Sports Medicine


  • Body Analysis.

I started tennis at 4 years old, I trained for 3 and a half years in Florida (usa) at the Justine Henin academy, then in Beijing (china) still at the Justine Henin academy, then I left for Spain for 1 year in Alicante.

Coached by Liam Smith, Alain Devos, Carlos Rodriguez.

At the age of 18, I had to stop my career following injuries, during covid I decided to do training in different areas linked to performance and well-being.





  • Tennis coach over 6 years, experience with junior and pro girls in the junior, pro tour.


  • 2020 to 2021, I coached and traveling with a 17 year old girl on the ITF 15, 25k on the ITF Circuit.


  • 2021 to 2022, I coached and travel with a French girl under 10 years old national top 10 in France.


  • 2022, I coached in collaboration with his coach Liam Smith and travel with a top 60 WTA player during 10 weeks.


  • 2022 and 2023, I travel with a top 40 ATP Matwe Middelkoop player two time semi-finalist at Roland Garros during few weeks as physiotherapist and coach in collaboration with his coach.