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Mark Luyk - Tennis Coach


Mark Luyk

I’m an ambitious coach with international experience, looking to work with an equally driven player on the ITF/WTA tour. High performance coaching is my passion and players who are willing to go all out, inspire me and give me a lot of energy. Let’s work hard and get results!

  • 2022 Advanced Talent Identification Course – NMC Bright
  • 2022 Tennis Speed Specialist – Lee Taft
  • 2020 Tennis Serve Specialist – Dr. Mark Kovacs
  • 2020 NLP accreditation – Matthew G Barnett
  • 2012 Tenniskids 1 – KNLTB (Dutch tennis association)
  • 2003 Running and physical conditioning coach 3 – IAPT*
  • 2002 Running and physical conditioning coach 2 – IAPT*
  • 2001 Running and physical conditioning coach 1 – IAPT*
  • 1996 Tennistrainer C – KNLTB
  • 1991 Tennistrainer B – KNLTB
  • 1990 Tennistrainer A – KNLTB

*Instructors at IAPT were, among others:
– Henk Kraaijenhof (who was the athletics coach of Merlene Ottey, Nelli Cooman and also worked at Italian soccer club Juventus).
– Miguel Janssen (current physical conditioning coach for the KNLTB, the Dutch tennis association).

Coaching times & fees





2021 – present: Talent Coach for the KNLTB, the Dutch tennis association

  • I train talented kids 12 and under, scouted by the national association. I also coach them
    at regional and national tournaments.

2018 – present: Tennis coach at the At Vantage Tennis Academy

  • I give tennis lessons and physical conditioning to the “Junior Tour Squad”. Highest level: National Junior Championships and ITF Juniors.
  • I’ve written a development plan to get from absolute beginner to Grand Slam level, addressing technique, strategy and tactics, mental skills, and physical skills. I also supply a range of over 300 targets to reach along this journey.

2016 – 2018: Tennis coach at Tennis Academy Bij Daan

  • I mostly work with high performance juniors. Highest level: National Junior Championships and Tennis Europe.

2009 – 2016: High Performance Coach at Eye for Tennis

  • I give tennis lessons and physical conditioning to competitive players aged 8 to 25.
  • I coach kids on regional and national tournaments and young adults at National Ranking
  • Tournaments and ITF tournaments. Highest level $25.000 women.

2004 – 2009: High Performance Coach and Quality Manager at Bastion Baselaar

  • I work with competitive tennis players, both juniors and young adults. I monitor and evaluate other coaches and support and educate them when necessary. Highest level: National Ranking Tournaments, National Junior Championships, and ITF Juniors.

2004 – 2006: Traveling Coach

  • Several months per year I’m the coach, hitting partner and traveling coach to Barbara Bonic (then number 1 under 12 in Serbia). Highest level: Tennis Europe.

2004 – 2005: High Performance Coach at the KNLTB, the Dutch tennis association.

  • I give tennis lessons and physical conditioning in the southwest of the Netherlands.
  • Highest Level: National Junior Championships and highest level in the national league for male players.

2003 Job description: Traveling Coach to Lioudmila Skavronskaia

  • I write and execute a development plan, advise on tournament selection, give tennis lessons and physical conditioning, am hitting partner and driver, and arrange training courts. Highest level: ITF/WTA

1990 – 2003: Tennis coach at different clubs in the Netherlands.

  • I give tennis lessons to players of all ages and levels, and coach at regional, national, and international tournaments. Highest level $10.000 women.


Dear coach Mark, I'm forever grateful for your amazing support and learning experience! You've taught me many things, but my favorite were: confidently making future goals and achievements, and staying hardworking and positive!

Barbara Bonic, former WTA 342, winner $25000 tournament in Huzhu


In the short time I worked with Mark, I started to play better, and moved up the rankings again.

Lioudmila Skavronskaia, former WTA #124 and Grand Slam player


Mark, your support means a lot - you seem to know the right way to say things to keep me fueled. I still refer to your notes to me on Slack about being a champion and visualization.

Lila Lapanja, 4 times NorAm Cup Overall Slalom champion, 8 years on the U.S. Ski Team