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Mark Theelen - Tennis Coach


Mark Theelen

After my universal degree Psycholgist Perfomance and Organisation (1988) I became tennis teacher and golf professional. In 2010 I discovered the method ‘Selfregulation’. A life-changing insight in the structure of learning and personal development (i.e. my logo) (Tennis-)learning can be much more efficient when we leave the usual education-paradigm. From that moment on I left the tennis- and golf union; my vision; “The tennis player knows better why, how and what than the teacher”. That’s the central theme in didactics of Selfregulation.


I have diplomas in tennis-(KNLTB) and golf teaching (WGTF) and a University -diploma in Organisation- and Performance-Psychology

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Mark direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +31638702514
  • Or you can contact him using email on info@marktheelen.nl



I provided supplementary training for tennis (and golf) teachers. Although our ego has difficulty with accepting the idea that the pupil potentially knows better than the teacher and likes to have self-steering. The same kind of courses I provide for team- and leaderships programs in organisations. Who takes leadership in progression, the teacher or the pupil, the manager or the employee? When the latter gets the responsibility and the former just supports that focus, learning and performing will be much more efficient and pleasant.

From the early stages of my brothers professional tennis career I functioned as supportive coach at his side. Moreover I have 13 years of tennis and 5 years golf teaching experience. My natural attraction goes to passionate people and high performance (in sport). Especially tennis. I like the eagerness of people to get the best out of themselves and others.


Although I coached my brother and son in sports and gave 13 year tennis- and golf training my coaching- and training-experience is mostly in private and business as a psychologist. It’s in the field of personal development, teambuilding, communication and stress reduction. Speeding up learning and behavioral change, working and living in flow is central goal.


Mark helped me in sharpening my own thoughts on how I wanted to achieve my goals in my tennis carreer. To find your own personal route, no matter what your environment opinion is, is a great feeling. Mark is very good at making 'soft matters' concrete to find your route. He will have an everlasting effect on you.

Bart Theelen (World champion senior tennis and CEO SportsCounts)


With self-coaching you can realize a breakthrough at all levels. Instead of thinking how to do it you learn to observe yourself in action. Working with Mark is a special experience.

Paul van Zwam (Owner Topsport Company and CEO Meglio)


Great, I thought I was at the end of my options. This method gives a whole different dimension to tennis and my life. My serve, forehand and backhand are also much better in competition. 'Playing-tennis-without-stress-and-out-of-my-head! "

Marinka Beetsma (top tennis player Rapiditas)