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Mayank Krishnatre


MAYANK KRISHNATRE is an ITF level-1, GPTCA Level-C,RPT (Spain) PROFESSIONAL Level qualified professional tennis coach and worked with lots of good players. MAYANK KRISHNATRE has formed a unique training system, built on the experience learned during all his years through the national and international circuit. As a coach, Mayank\’s objective is always to motivate the players to be their level best.

Mayank been demonstrating continuous success in producing top-level players and served as a catalyst for their growth. Under his guidance and training, players have established themselves on National and International grounds. At present, he is training internationally and nationally ranked players at Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, Under 18, men’s and women’s levels.

  • GPTCA (ATP) Level-C under Mr. Alberto Castellani at DLTA, NewDelhi in Aug 2019
  • ITF LEVEL 1 –  Intermediate Level & Advanced Fitness Training Course under Mr. Kawaljeet singh at DLTA, NewDelhi 2014
  • RPT (SPAIN) Professional under Mr. Adrian Rattenbury in MAY, 2014
  • ITF LEVEL 2 Advance Level Coaching (MSLTA, Mumbai – November 2016) – Attendee
  • ITF National Officiating School – 2013
  • SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA – 1 Year SAI-NIS 1YEAR DIPLOMA in SPORTS COACHING in TENNIS Discipline (SAI, NSSC, Bengaluru, India) 2022-2023
  • SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA – 1 year DIPLOMA in SPORTS SCIENCES (SAI, NSSC, Bengaluru, India) 2022-2023
  • SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA – 6 Week NS-NIS (SAI-INDIA) Certificate Course (SRM University, Chennai, India) (Dec 2019 – Jan 2020)
  • AITA LEVEL 3 – Foundation Coaches Course – 2013

I am a Head Tennis Professional (Coach) with 10+ years of experience as a coach with an exemplary record of leading players to championships and personal victories.

I have been dedicated to helping players with varying abilities to understand and practice tennis fundamentals, improve their technique and learn the most up-to-date game tactics & strategies.

I have specific expertise in training advance and high performance level athletes that advance to next level of success.


*1. Some preview about the specific knowledges which I’ve been using in my coaching programs as per needs of the athlete are related to Sports sciences to aim for optimal level performance.

  • Coaching Dynamics
  • Sports & Exercise Physiology
  • Kinesiology & Bio- Mechanics
  • Strength & Condition
  • Sports Medicine
  • Professional Development
  • Sports Nutrition & Biochemistry
  • Sports Psychology
  • Anthropometry

*2. Other than tennis, I also play Pickleball as a competitive player & Golf as an amateur.

Looking forward to connect & work with your team.

  • Chamunda Tennis Academy (RESIDENTIAL TENNIS CAMPUS) Karnal,Haryana, INDIA  (2016 – Present) – ( Principal Coach )
  • Served within the executive committee of senior coaches and worked towards the overall development of a full-time residential tennis academy
  • Worked closely with many players individually and in groups. Trained them such that they could compete in the national and international circuit
  • Organized personal development classes for players and took their mental training lessons
  • Assisted junior coaches in developing their tennis coaching skills technically and tactically
  • Worked for the development of the whole campus’ environment
  • Planned individual fitness schedules for ITF players and travelled with players internationally

Champion Tennis Academy, New Delhi (2014-2016)  – (Assistant Head Coach) (Intermediate Level Tennis Coaching & Fitness)

  • Initiated, directed, and promoted tennis participation through special events and programs in an effort to attract and maintain player’s tennis interests
  • Under my training, a considerable number of players with no previous rankings started winning at the national level within a year’s time
  • Provided unrivalled best practice examples in all core elements of the tennis industry
  • Gained experience in the development and delivery of a comprehensive and successful performance coaching program, and a passion for helping aspiring players maximize their potential.


  • Chamunda Centre for Tennis Excellence, Residential Tennis Centre – Sonipat (Haryana) 2013-2014.  – ( SR. Assistant Coach )
  • Develop and implement individual and group training programs for players of all skill levels
  • Create personalized plans based on individual player needs and goals
  • Working with a group of professionals which includes- nutritionists, sports psychologists, and
  • physiotherapists for the holistic development of the players
  • Provide guidance and support during matches and tournaments
  • Analyze player performance and provide feedback to enhance skills and improve strategy
  • Collaborate with other coaches and support staff to ensure the success of the team
  • Manage equipment and facilities, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations
  • Maintained communication with parents and players to ensure clear expectations and progress tracking

Champion Tennis Academy , New Delhi (2011-2013) Junior Assistant Coach

  • Nursery, Beginners & Intermediate
  • My responsibilities included guiding toddlers & beginners through the different stages of Red-Orange-Green Dot ball.
  • to make a fun-filled environment


Great setup. Comprehensive process. From warmups to advanced level trainings. Tennis was fun, knowledgeable !! Mayank is a great coach ! I look forward to have more sessions with Mayank in near future.

Akash Gupta (USA)


Mayank sir has been a good mentor as he always provided me with best advices relating to my tennis as well as academics. I thank him for being a great coach to me.

Kunal Singh (Trainee)


I am extremely thankful to Mayank sir for his guidance & support which he extended to my ward Purab Chaudhary while he was training under him. Purab except for improving his tennis skiils also hearnt the importance of consistency, hardwork & other life skills which are really important for a teenage boy. I am extremely grateful to Mayank sir for shaping him into a good sportsperson & a responsible adult.

Puja Chaudhary (Purab's Mom)


Training with Mayank has always been knowledgable for mohak. His training methods are good & result oriented. He being a senior coach has helped my ward grow from nothing to a good level. His training & schedules are great.Mohak personally use to feel she use to have challenges on tactical parts but with Mayank it's been way understandable to her.

Rupali Gnesh Kulkarni (Mohak Kulkarni's Mother)