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Mick Knejp - Junior Tennis Player


Mick Knejp

I’m born in July 2010 and I have been playing tennis since I was 4 years old. Other than tennis I’m also swimming and rowing, but tennis is my biggest passion and interest. When I’m not doing sports, I enjoy hanging out with my friends doing all kind of activities.

Education & Rankings
  • I’m going in the fourth grade in school and so far I’m doing better than average. Beside tennis, education is important to me.
  • There is no official rankings in my age, but I am confident that I’m among the top 3 players in Sweden in my age

Playing experience
  • Victory Tullingespelen 2020 in BS12
  • Victory Holmen Paper Cup 2020 in BS10
  • Victory SALK-Open 2020 in BD10
  • Training with Rick Leach, former world rank #1 in double
  • Training with Kent Carlsson, former world rank #6 in single
  • Winning Club championship BS12 2020
  • Easter 2020 trainingcamp in Båstad

About you

Date of birth – 12 July 2010
Hand Used – Right handed
Height – 150cm
Racket – Yonex
Clothing – Nike
Shoes – Nike
Any Sponsors – Yonex and Nike
Favourite Player – Roger Federer
Career Aspirations – Winning a Grand Slam
Favourite Tournament – SALK Open
Best Surface – Hard court
Best Win – BD10 SALK Open January 2020, BS10 Holmen Paper Cup July 2020, BS12 Tullingespelen October 2020
Goals for the coming year – Winning Next Generation BS11 in Båstad in July 2021 and winning my first matches at a Tennis Europe BS12 tournament in the autumn 2021

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies
  • I started training in Tullinge tennis club were my head coach was Daniel Bjerner. In autumn 2018, Peter Lönn started as a tennis trainer in Tullinge tennis club. Peter Lönn and I started a closer cooperation in spring 2019 and one year later, Peter arranged for me to show my tennis skills/qualities to the new Sporting manager at SALK tennis club, Simon Aspelin, who is the former world rank #8 in double. Simon Aspelin offered me a place in the SALK youth talent group, even though I was too young.
  • So since May 2020, I’m part of the SALK youth talent group were my head coach is Carl Ackered. I’m the youngest tennis player in the talent group where everyone else is born 2008 & 2009. At SALK I’m also training twice a week with Simon Aspelin.


I started at the Tullinge Tennis Club I the south of Stockholm in the fall 2018. That was the first time I saw Mick, who was 8 years old at the time. In the fall 2018 I coached Mike 1 hour once a in a week in a group. I also played with him individually every second week. I remember that I was often impressed when I saw Mike and his father, Jakob, in the hall playing by themselves. In March 2019, I started working with Mick more on weekends, and also had the opportunity to watch him in a competition in Danderyd. Mick has often had the opportunity to play in exhibition matches against older players, and then be given one or two things t focus on during these matches. Despite his young age, Mike has proven that he has great mental skills, and an amazing attitude towards match playing and training. Also, at setbacks, he has not allowed himself to be down for long. Instead, he has always turned up the next day, boosted with energy. In all my years as a coach, I have never seen a 10-year-old who has mastered all the shots of tennis like Mick. Outside of the tennis court, Mick is a very modest person, he is a great friend. Mike also likes other sports, like soccer and ice hockey. Besides tennis, he also does swimming training, and is very good at that too. Mick also likes to go to restaurants and cafés.

Peter Lönn