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Milos Dimic - Tennis Coach



My coaching methodology is based on the continuous scientific research and data. My research work is the most important aspect of personal tennis teaching and mentoring process. The combination of these two are the drive and passion when it comes to approaching and developing young athletes.

The neuroscience and neurobiology is a field that is still very unclear in terms of the application in the sports environment. Developing an approach of the goal-oriented mind set based on the most efficient decision making approach, supported by the coordination and motion control is a foundation of the long term success. My long term goal is to simplify this approach that would be applicable at the all stages of the junior tennis development.

  • USPTA Elite Professional
  • USPTA Sports Science Specialist
  • USPTA Tennis Fitness Specialist
  • ITPA Tennis Professional
  • RPT Professional
  • MA in Training Technology
  • PhD in Sports Neuroscience

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Milos direct in the following ways for availability and rates:
  • He can be contacted on WhatsApp – +819017718871
  • Or via email – milos@spikesunleashed.com

Further information
  • ITPA
  • RPT
  • Society of Sports Science and Medicine
  • International Sports Vision Association
  • Babolat Ambassador in Japan

I am a big admirer of the human motion and possibilities in extending its’ limits.

Physical aspect of the human performance is something that I admire watching in any shape or form and related to any type of the environment.

My passion and interest is the mental side of the human performance. Neuromuscular connections that allow us to perform and exist, in general.


Coaching experience with WTA and ITF players in Europe helped me develop as a tennis coach but accepting a program developer position in Japan shaped me to who I am right now. Facing the Japanese culture of endless repetitions made me understand and work hard on developing methodology that would make much needed repetition an efficient wholistic training process. My five year PhD research in Sports Neuroscience made me understand what separates champions in sports from the contenders.

Four years at the position of the Tennis Academy Head Coach. Our juniors established themselves as top ranked in Kanagawa region, top 8 in Japan National tournament, Regional High School Champions and National High School Finalists. The number of junior players was overall increased from 28 to 75 full time players.

Two years as Director of Tennis Program. Managing the junior development program. Besides the on court performance, my focus turned to the creation of the off court junior development programs backed by five years of the general academic and PhD research.

Two years as Tennis Academy Program Coordinator. Focus of my work turned to the development of the junior and high school tennis teams within the junior development program. Completely new junior tennis program was developed with the increase in the number of students from 32 to 67.

My next career step should be at the high performance academy that would be able to provide me with the environment that supports the most necessary aspect of the junior development into a championship performance- wholistic neuromuscular development.


Milos is a great mentor to my son Arya since he was 8 years old. My son now is 12/13 and playing full time at one of the best academies in the world in Spain. What is amazing is he is technical but he also understands the science behind tennis and makes it fun. Whenever we are in Tokyo for the holidays we trek all the way to Yokohama just to be coached by Milos. Milos will do whatever required to squeeze the maximum potential from your child without breaking the passion and fun aspect. He will also proactively communicate with parents in a realistic manner. The highlight of Arya’s journey with Milos has been a ten day trip to Serbia where they got to work on his game with the best in Serbia in terms of coaches, sparring partners and to live with Milos and his family environment.

Sid Shetty, Zurich, Switzerland


Milos has been the best coach to us family. He is very technical, motivating, and educational for each and one of us. His technical approach has helped our children, now 14 and 12YO, playing very competitively, both ranked the best 16 in Tokyo in U12 category. The older son now trains at Emilio Sanchez Academy Dubai and realizes how his serves and strokes that he built with Milos have become his weapons. This acknowledgement has built his confidence. He recently won the championship at one of the Ten Pro global tournaments. Our younger daughter is also recognized as a big server with tactical aspects in local tournaments. Had it not been for Milos’ long time dedication, they have not been able to make these accomplishments. Milos has also helped us parents, that only started playing a few years ago, improve very quickly enough for us to catch up with other adult players and maintain consistent rallies. Although Milos is very technical, it never felt compelling but very-self motivating. He always delivers his message in player’s position that always makes us want to improve. Milos was the first person to make us parents realize the fact, that tennis is more than a mere sport for our children. Through tennis, the children have become very spontaneous, responsible, and resilient challengers, regardless of any situations. We believe that it is because they have built their pride and self-confidence by working closely with Milos. It took some while, but we are grateful that Milos never stopped believing in our children. We parents also learned from him to be patient, to believe that the results will come eventually. Thus, playing tennis with Milos has made us happier and feel united as a family. He is not only the best coach, but also one of the best friends to us family!

Miura Family, Tokyo, Japan