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Nicolas Konarik


Nicolas Koňarik – Tennis Coach
I am a dynamic and driven 24 year old Tennis Coach from Finland. I firmly believe that a coach’s role is to adapt to the unique needs and aspirations of each player, rather than expecting players to conform to a rigid coaching style.

With my open-minded approach, I tailor my coaching methods to the individual, recognizing that every player has their own strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.

I became a tennis coach because of my enthusiasm and love for the game. Tennis coaching is not my work or job: It is lifestyle and opportunity to still be a part of tennis.

  • Tennis coaching level Two – Slovak Tennis Association
  • Tennis coaching level Two – Finland Tennis Association

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Nicolas direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +421905696086
  • Or you can contact him using email on nicolas.konarik@gmail.com



Further information

Slovakia Tennis Association

Finland Tennis Association

I started my tennis journey at 3 years old. I started playing every day from when I was 8 and I took it very seriously. In my 12 years I graduated my first ITF Tournament in Mostar Bosna and Hercegovina I failed and decided to try it for 3 more years. In this time, I was playing in a lot of European tournaments but unfortunately I was not successful.

My best result was a quarterfinal in Kishinev Moldavia, after this I decided to finish my professional tennis career and try to go another way and that was Tennis Trainer, because I always wanted to stay connect with tennis. After years go by I found passion in this work especially with people who want to improve their tennis to another level.


  • English Language- Very Advanced, spoken and written
  • Finnish Language- Beginner
  • Russia Language – Beginner
  • Germany Language- Beginner

Tennis Achievements:

  • Former 500 Tennis Europe Ranking
  • Former Top 5 in Country
  • 23 Tournaments won over the Country

  • 2023: Hitting Coach Boris Becker Academy, Frankfurt / Hochheim
  • 2023: Tennis Trainer TAF Wels, Amstetten
  • 2022: Head Coach  Hohe Warte Tennis Academy, Vienna
  • 2021: Hitting Coach Amsterdam Tennis Academy, Netherlands
  • 2020: Tennis Trainer – Cadzand Bad, Netherlands
  • 2019: Tennis Trainer –  Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2018:  Tennis Instructor, Manchester, England


I’ve known Nicolas for a couple of years in the tennis coaching world. He is passionate and dedicated, and he is awesome at creating training programs that fit each player. He know the game inside out and have a cool way of teaching that makes learning fun. I totally recommend Nicolas for the tennis trainer job!

Mr Roman Surka, Hohe Warte Vienna


I want to recommend Nicolas for the tennis trainer gig. He is super good at what he do and have this way of keeping players motivated. He makes training plans that really work for each person and He genuinely care about everyone doing well. I'm sure Nicolas would be a great fit for the job.

Mr D, Amsterdam Tennis Academy Netherlands