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Oscar Martinez - Tennis Coach


Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez, born in 1974 in Valencia, Spain. After retirement, Oscar went straight to coaching at Spin Tennis Academy, in Club de Tenis Gandia in Valencia, along with his father Doro Martinez. For two decades Oscar managed the academy and coached many top tennis players, such as David Marrero, Ivan Gakhov and Pablo Santos. Becoming during the years a highly experienced tennis coach. Having been in all the professional tennis layers (ATP Tour, Challenguer and ITF) not only as a player, but as a tennis coach as well.


Professional Tennis Player, ATP; 1992 – 2002 (former 68 ATP)

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Mediterranean Tennis Academy

Year-by-Year Highlight, (by ATP):

  • 1994- R-up at Turin Ch.; Third at Spanish Sat. #1 (w/31 pts.); QF at Casa-blanca, Sao Paulo Ch.
  • 1993- Third at Spanish Sat. #6 (w/32 pts.); Sixth at Spanish Sat. #4 (w/15 pts
  • 1992- Played four satellites in Spain.
  • Began playing tennis at age eight. Father, Salvador, is a tennis coach, and mother, Elena.
  • Favorite surface is clay and considers his forehand as best shot.
  • Enjoys soccer.
  • Has been training at Luis Bruguera’s Tennis Academy in Barcelona since 1990.
  • Turned pro in 1992.
  • Coached by Jordi Plana.
  • Reached his first ATP Tour singles final in Athens on Oct. 9, 1994, losing to countryman Alberto Berasategui in three sets. Earlier, knocked off
  • No. 2 seed Carlos Costa in the first round, No. 7 Jordi Arrese in the quarter finals and No. 3 Alex Corretja in the semifinals. Improved his ranking from 118 to No. 87.

Former professional tennis player, with more than 10 years competing on the ATP Tour. Ex 68 ATP in singles (1995), ranking reached after achieving a few months before what would be probably the best tournament of his career. Oscar reached the final at the Athens ATP, beating on his way to the final Carlos Costa, Jordi Errase and Alex Corretja (ex 2 ATP), to then lose in the final to former 7 in the world and also countryman Alberto Berasategui in three sets.


2002 – 2022: Director & Head Tennis Coach, Spin Tennis Academy, Club de Tenis Gandía, Valencia, Spain

  • 20 years of experience coaching and supervising tennis players, as well as coordinating and managing the academy and its facilities.

Players coached:

  • David Marrero (Spain): ex 5 ATP doubles (2013) and 143 ATP singles (2010)
  • David Villanueva-Perez (Spain): 875 ATP singles (2003)
  • Pablo Santos (Spain): ex 181 ATP (2009)
  • Ivan Gakhov: 170 ATP singles
  • Miguel Ángel López Jaén
  • David Olivier