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Oscar Wegner - MTM Tennis Coach


Oscar Wegner – PLAY LIKE THE PROS!

World-renowned former tour player, coach, author, TV personality, tennis commentator and educator Oscar Wegner is now training coaches and players from beginner to top pro level on request. photo: Art Seitz

Coaching times & fees




The most modern tennis techniques, used by the top pros in achieving their high level, will be worked on for all players so they can reach their highest potential. Through development drills and tactics players will evolve a competitive edge toward college and pro levels. Participants will also focus on attitude, demeanor and control of emotions.

$100.00 per hour



Instruction is provided in modern stroke production emulating the game of today’s top pros. Learn specific focusing drills, tracking, advanced contact with the ball, control of direction, height and power. Learn how to play efficiently with minimum effort. Develop consistency and rhythm, create spin, how to impact the opponent’s timing, and more. Feel, instinct and natural moves will be emphasized.

$100.00 per hour



Oscar is available on request for phone/internet/video consultation for those who are not in the Los Angeles area.

$50.00 per hour



INTRODUCTION TO MTM – Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology, which shows you how to “PLAY LIKE THE PROS”


Over the past 40+ years Oscar has played an instrumental role in educating and inspiring tens of thousands of tennis coaches and players at all levels. He is the creator of Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology, Founder and President of Oscar Wegner Enterprises, Inc., Tennis Kids For Life, Inc., MTMCA, MTM University, and is a major contributor to the advancement and popularity of tennis worldwide.

Oscar’s experience – as a competitor, coach and peer to industry top players – makes him unique and revolutionary. His print publications and video work have brought the development of champions from Barcelona to Moscow and Belgrade, from Argentina and Brazil to the Williams sisters’ father/coach, to coaches in Beijing, Thailand, England, Belgium and Holland. Oscar’s famous “40 Tennis Tips, Play Like the Pros,” had more than 10 billion impressions in 170 countries telecast by ESPN International from 1997 to 1999.

Oscar has authored a number of books and has produced several training DVDs which have inspired millions worldwide to discover for themselves the joy of simplicity in tennis. He has also created a coaches organization which certifies both aspiring and seasoned tennis teaching professionals in his unique instructional methodology, as well as a non-profit organization in support of youth through tennis.  See the LINKS section below for more details on his publications, his career and his contributions to tennis.

Oscar is currently available for coaching in Los Angeles, CA and consultation via phone/internet. Oscar brings out the simplicity of natural tennis abilities in his players that is unheard of in the coaching industry.“Tennis,” Oscars says, “can be made into one of the easiest sports to learn and to excel at, provided all your coaching data is correct.” 


"Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball."

Bjorn Borg, 5-time Wimbledon and 6-time French Open Champion


"Wegner strips tennis instruction of all those accepted phrases and directions that only clutter your mind and confuse.....I think you'll find it worthwhile to dump the past and join Oscar in your tennis future. In listening to him I've unlearned a few things myself that I long considered gospel....."

Bud Collins, Boston Globe, NBC


"Oscar Wegner is a true pioneer in the game of tennis. I have a deep respect for Oscar's teaching and his passion to help others. My time on court with him during my professional tennis career was very valuable and many of the concepts he shared with me helped me understand my own game better. His knowledge of how the body actually works and the natural way tennis is played has helped shape my own coaching philosophies. Thanks for moving tennis forward, Oscar."

Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 ATP Player