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Petar Gazivoda - Tennis Coach

Mallorca, Illes Balears

Petar Gazivoda

My name is Petar Gazivoda, and I am 26 years old. I have just over 3 years of experience in coaching however I have been involved as a player since the age of 8. Have competed at the ITF Junior tournaments and at the ATP Futures level, winning some matches in the process. I come from Podgorica, Montenegro, but I have been based in Barcelona, Spain since 2011. I am mostly looking for opportunities in Barcelona and/or in the Catalonian regions nearby.


I started playing tennis when I was only 8 years old. I had the opportunity to train for 5 years in one of the best tennis academies in the world – Sanchez Casal. Therefore, I have reached very high levels of competition both nationally and internationally. In Spain, at a national level I have competed in ETLA (winner of stage 7 & stage 8), Catalana tournaments (1 title), and Monty Tournaments (2 titles). More importantly, I have played several International tournaments like ITF Junior and ITF Futures ($10,000) and won matches against professional players. Finally, more recently on an academic level I have done a final project (thesis) last year on Data Analytics in tennis and how it is used to obtain benefits in terms of performance at any level of competition.


Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Petar direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +34 687 031 326
  • Or you can contact him using email on pgazivoda15@gmail.com



Apart from my mother tongue of Montenegrin/Serbian I speak fluent English, Spanish and some Catalan as well.


Petar is above all very kind. He has a very advanced level of tennis and organizes the class in a way to do a bit of everything (volley, smash, hit groundstrokes, down the line and cross shots, serve, match points, etc.) He has the ability to identify the strengths of a player, the weaknesses and then correct them instantly. – Santiago

Top teacher! Highly recommend! – Rafael


06/2021 – 08/2021: Tennis coach/sparring partner at Catalunya Tennis Academy, Sabadell, Spain

  • Instructions and sparring for young tennis players (10 to 18 years old), supervising competition matches at high national level each week.

02/2021 – Present: Official Sales Agent Rafael Nadal Academy by Movistar, Spain

  • Promoting programmes and selling products/services of Rafael Nadal Academy for training to kids, adults, professional players and amateurs around the world.

Self – employed coaching experience

My private coach experience has seen a significant rise in clients over the past year or so. Having started with just 2 clients in Barcelona at the beginning of the last year, now that number has gone all the way up to 8 (7 active players). It has to be noted that not all are frequent clients, since some are very casual or local league players that aspire to improve their game gradually over time. At the same time, a few clients’ posses an advanced tennis level and are looking for small technical modifications or recovering the rhythm they used to have some years ago.


More recently, due to the increasing demand and interest to learn the sport of padel in Spain, I have also dedicated some of my hours to teaching/sparring with some padel players who are either beginners or have an intermediate level with some match experience. At this moment, I have 4 active clients and some recurring past ones who will retake the sessions in the coming months. With just over 9 months of experience in this sport as a coach, my knowledge and expertise is lower compared to tennis. However, I am still able to provide value to my clients as it can be seen on the sessions review they have wrote on the platform.


Regarding the methodology, the classes are based on my experience as a player and all the training methods that I have gone through in the past to get to play at a very high level. My teaching method normally consists of generic ‘drills’, so that the student picks up rhythm and distance towards the ball. Then it is passed to more specific exercises depending on the needs and the weak points of each player. Control rallies (cross court, down the line), volleys, serve, approach, slice (long and drop shots) are among the several shots I teach. Finally, I offer the sparring service (a simulation of the official match with me) and as well as the profound statistics analysis at the end of each session.


Very punctual and professional in what he does, dedicated to his pupils. In addition, Petar is a very likeable person and the classes he performs are pleasant and fun to engage in since he adapt to your needs. 100% recommended!



I have been training with Petar for 3 months and I can affirm he is an excellent professor. Under his guidance and help, my game has significantly improved. Petar disposes of a wide experience as a tennis player, making the classes dynamic and fun at the same time. Furthermore, he has a great ability to explain both the technique components as well as tactics and strategy of the game. He adapts the class to all levels, starting from the beginner stage, people who recently picked up a racquet (my particular case), as well as to advanced players who would like to improve a specific part of their game. The communication is easy, given the fact that he speaks fluid Spanish and English. I definitely recommend Petar 100%!



Petar is an excellent padel teacher, with exceptional technical skills. He is very adaptable and comes up with specific exercises to make you progress on technical and tactical aspects of your game.