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Stefano Nicoletti - Tennis Mental Coach


Scientific mental coaching based on Mindfulness.
Athletes are always at the center.
No judgement, no useless psychological assessments, no military manners, no imposition of a method: I am constantly supporting the athlete to find his/her personal way to excellence and well-being, together.
I am a world-class expert of Visual Training, that is fundamental for Tennis.


Certified coach and trainer, certified Mindfulness instructor.

I successfully accomplished these International courses:

  • Training Kaeser International
  • Introduction to performance psychology (The Juilliard School)
  • Deep Learning (University of Queensland)
  • Inspiring and motivating individuals (University of Michigan)
  • Psychology of personal growth (University of Hong Kong)
  • Positive psychology (University of North Carolina)

I am completely up to date with all the scientific research about High Performance.

Coaching times & fees

Coaching is personalized and tailored on each athlete. The training is different from boys to girls, from wannabe to Pro.

With our programs, you increase your awareness about Optimal Performance and at the same time you train all the skills that make a difference.

The basic program is made of 4 meetings: if you really put yourself in the game, you’re going to see the difference in a few weeks or less.

I work online a lot: I use technology expecially to extend the ability to relate each other.

I am available to travel.

Fees mainly depend on the athlete’s level and needs: say Hi, introduce yourself and ask for a quote.

Born in 1975 in the sunny Tuscany, I grew up playing tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball and all the sports that I could find on my way. I have been working in the financial sector for more than 20 years. In that highly competitive environment I trained as a coach and a soft skills trainer. I founded PlayTheNow in 2014. I am passionate about sustainable growth, nature and art: isn’t sport a form of Art, after all?


I have been working with Athletes from every sport and from all over the world since 2014 with my brand PlayTheNow.

In tennis, I supported 5 players to gain ATP/WTA points for the first time.

I have been coaching WTA player Maria Marfutina (best ranking 354, 7 ITF singles titles).

I have been coaching Pro Players in Tennis, Motorsports and Golf.

I’m also coaching managers, professionals and students and I’m collaborating with Big Companies and Italian Universities.


Working with Stefano helped me a lot in my tennis career but also outside the court. I was winning matches when I wasn’t at my 100% but with the work we were doing I was still able to find a solution and win the match. He opened my mind and I started to see the things in a different way which was a big advantage for me on court. Outside of the court he taught me to be in the moment and live the moment, listen to my body, to myself, be aware of everything around me. I also wanna add that Stefano is such nice person that leaves you only warm feelings.

Maria Marfutina / WTA player and coach / Russia


Working with Stefano is always a pleasure, the work is interesting and professional. Stefano has very good knowledge of mental and psychological factors that have an influence on sports activity. The work is extremely personalized and includes exercises that I kept performing since day 1. Stefano immediately put me at ease and presented me many ways to work on my difficulties.

Ms. P. / WTA player / Ukrayne


I have been fortunate to work with coach Stefano on the mental aspects of tennis.I learnt to be positive, always focus on the "now" current situation, be confident and never give up in any situation. The training methods and techniques really helped me achieve the desired results in the tournaments. He is very considerate and loving nature, he listens patiently and he's very passionate about his work.

Ms. S. / Junior tennis player / India,Spain