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Ravindra Nimje - Tennis Coach


Certified accomplished tennis coach with over 10 years of coaching experience at all levels. Have a track record of training individuals and teams to championship wins.

  1. USPTR(United State Professional Tennis Registry) Level-1 in India
  2. AITA(All India Tennis Association) Level-1 course
  3. Pursued Level-1 and Level-2 AATC(Australian Association of Tennis Coaches)
  4. 6 month certification course in Tennis
  5. Bachelor of Physical education
  6. Diploma in Yoga for mental strength.

Coaching times & fees


  • Morning 6:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Evening 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm


  • AUD 70 per hour per person(one to one lesson)
  • AUD 75 per hour per group(4 to 5 people)

Further information
  • AATC (Australian Association of Tennis Coaches)
  • GSTA (Gujarat State Tennis Association)


I have played national level tennis in India. I have represented tennis at the university level and won the inter college championship. I have played at state level and won the cup.

I did USPTR(United State Professional Tennis Registry) Level-1 in India. I also AITA(All India Tennis Association) Level-1 course. Pursued Level-1 and Level-2 AATC(Australian Association of Tennis Coaches). Completed my certificate course in Tennis Coaching India.

Produced qualified players for district level, state level and national level for tennis tournaments. Also appointed as a tennis course at the university level. I enjoy training players from all age groups, specially those who are competing to achieve their goals. I have a dream to produce international level players from Australia.

  • 10 years of tennis coaching.
  • Training all age groups.
  • Professional coaching for clubs, schools and university level players.
  • 7 years of experience Surat Tennis Club, India.
  • 7 years of experience L-P Savini Sports Complex, Surat, India.
  • Appointed Tennis coach at VNSGU University level twice, India.
  • 1 year coaching experience with AJH Sports Sydney(in association with AATC, Australian Association of Tennis Coaches)


Ravi has been teaching me and my son tennis and table tennis for three terms. We started learning tennis from the beginning of last year. My son was not good at sports and we had extreme weather in Sydney,so we couldn’t play tennis outdoor for months. We almost quit learning tennis. Luckily, we got introduced to Ravi and tried to continue with learning tennis later last year. Surprisingly, we got better in playing tennis a lot only after the first couple of lessons and my son is actually inspired with playing tennis.We do our coaching at the Denistone East Kings Park tennis court, there is a table tennis room next to it. Ravi is a very flexible person with a can-do attitude. If the weather is bad, we just do table tennis to keep up the exercise and learning. Ravi is also very friendly, and he is a good role model. He gave my son a lot of encouragement, told him how to be a strong and confident person.I appreciate his effort and would recommend Ravi as the best tennis and table tennis teacher to people who want to learn.

Kelly Han


Ravi has been coaching me and my family at the Denistone East Kings Park tennis courts for two terms. We have found him to be a skilled coach who has worked on improving our technique. He has been highly engaging and has a good manner with adults and children alike. We would highly recommend him to others.

Peter Smythies


My kids have been coached by Mr. Ravindra Nimje at Ravindra’s Tennis Academy in Surat, Gujarat. Mr. Nimje focuses on drilling fundamentals into their strokes and works on step-by-step approach until those fundamentals are hard wired into the strokes. His work on fitness and strength training has shown great results leading to increase in speed and stroke timing. Mr. Nimje is also an expert at matching his coaching to age and skill level of the student. He is fun with smaller kids and uses drills, tools and scientific approach for older kids and adults. I would highly recommend Mr. Ravindra Nimje for any tennis related position

Vishal V. Ghadia


Since Last one year I am taking personnel coaching along with my son & daughter from Mr. Ravindra Nimje. He is very talented and skilled in Lawn tennis. With hisguidance I have improved a lot in my game. I participate in ITF tournament in 45 years of age and above category. Mr Ravindra Nimje is very dedicated and visionary. His smooth and simple technique help to correct your error to improve your game. My Son and daughter got very good command and control over lawn tennis game within one year due to his advice , hard working and wonderful coaching skill.

Jignesh Panchal