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Alejandro Rico - Padel Coach


My name is Alejandro, I am a Spanish coach, currently working at the padel club Mallorca, in Spain. My dream is to continue growing internationally by teaching players and seeing them grow and improve every day.

  • MBA Certified Padel Coach
  • Sport coaching master

I started to play padel in 2011. Playing in second division of spain. In 2019 i started to coach padel to groups of kids, later i started with adults and advanced players. 2 years in Pins Padel club, and after that in padel club Mallorca until now.


Passionate about sports since i was 6 years old. My dream is yo continue growing and learning at the same time that i can transmit and teach the sports values. Seeing my clients improve motivates me every day.


  • Pins Padel Club in 2018 to 2020. Teaching groups of kids and adults beginners.
  • Padel club Mallorca in 2020 to now. Coaching Kids and advanced players. Creating tournaments and rankings. Creating gym sessions fornmy players focusing on padel.
  • Creating matches by level for the clients of the club.

– MBA Certified Padel Coach