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Sarah Oros - Junior Tennis Player


Sarah Oros

Hi. my name is Sarah. I am 11 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I discovered tennis by myself at the age of 6. Since then, I have always been on the tennis court regardless of the weather. I love to hit the ball, to play tennis. I always want to become better. I like to play tennis anytime and with anyone. When I see someone better than me, no matter if he is older than me or the same age as me, I want to become like that too. I cry when I lose but the next day I want to train again and I can’t wait to play my next match. My wish is to be able to train  , go to matches, develop as an athlete and slowly become better. To do what I like. To play tennis.


Education & Rankings
  • Top 40 Girls Under 12 in the Netherlands
  • This year Sarah was playing 53 matches and she won 37

Playing experience

National tournaments. From next year we hope to  participate by international tournaments.

This year Sarah was playing 53 matches and she won 37

Titels/Finals  2022

1)Junioren Tour Zilver en Bronz RTC N.I .P –

2)Junioren Tour Amjoy/Tos Bergelijk

3)TV Carolus Junioren Tour Brons zomertornooi 2022

4)Kei-Fit Junioren Tour Brons 2022 te Lichtenvoorde

5) LJTC Young smaching Echt -Singel Toernooi (ME 11-14)



About you

Date of birth: 24-10-2011
Hand Used- Right
Height 1,45m
Racket: Yonex 26
Shoes –
Any Sponsors
Favourite Player: Novak Djokovic
Career Aspirations :
Favourite Tournament Paal -Belgium (my first final win)
Best Surface: Hard
Best Win Paal -Belgium
Goals for the coming year -top 20 Girls Under 12 in the Netherlands
Favourite Quote :Never let succes go to your head !And never let failure go to your heart !

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Currently trained by her mother – Tennis Club Merkelbeek.


Sarah started her first tennis lessons with me. Since then I have seen her joy in playing tennis. This year she came back to me. In the private lessons, I saw her joy and eagerness to play tennis. In the group lessons, I saw that Sarah was impatient to start the next exercise. She came to me and said: Rick, what do we do now?,, What was very important in her development was that she trained 3-4 times a week with her parents. Every time, it was her idea and if the weather was not good to be able to play tennis, she was very upset. Sarah's technique and footwork are very good for her age. Everyone can see how much Sarah loves this sport. For her, it doesn't matter who she plays with, big or small, girl or boy. I hope that in the future she can play as much tennis as possible.

Rick Swakhoven - Tennis Coach T.V. Ubach over Worms


Sarah is a girl who has big dreams and loves to play tennis. She discovered her passion for tennis on her own. Until recently, we thought it was just a hobby for her, but it seems that she doesn't want to give up this sport and wants to get better. The word NO, for her, does not exist. If she can't play tennis outside, then she trains at home. For us, winnings are not important, but her development as an athlete, to do what she likes to do. Sarah taught us a lot... How it will be: If you don't try... you will never know what you could have done. "Never give up on what you love to do, no matter how hard it is. We all know it's a long road, but that doesn't stop us from supporting her in what she does." We adore her ambition, her work, her smiles, her tears and to see her play. Tennis for her, it seems, is not just a child's dream. It is a passion that comes from her heart. Sarah is small and has a lot to learn. That's why we try to support her as long as she loves and adores doing this sport. Looking forward to the future.

Parents Raul &Ioana