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Shanelle Iaconi - ITF Tennis Player

Western Australia

Hi there! My name is Shanelle Iaconi, a self-funded 19 year old touring tennis player and university student from Australia. Although I’ve grown up in Perth, Western Australia, I have spent extended periods of time in Europe over the past two years in search for better tennis opportunities.

Education & Rankings

I achieved my high school diploma in 2021 where I attended full-time school, and commenced university the following year, completing a year studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Western Australia. As this degree didn’t allow off-campus (online) learning, I changed my degree to Communications which I’m really enjoying as I love speaking, writing and any kind of human interaction. I hope to specialise in journalism and marketing. I also have achieved a range of certificates such as First Aid, Hospitality training and Serving Alcohol.

My tennis rankings include:

Current UTR: 9.30

Current ITF singles ranking: 1843

Best ITF singles ranking: 1475

Best WTA doubles ranking: 1449

Dutch singles and doubles ranking: 2

Leistungsklasse (LK): 1

Playing experience

I have travelled and played tennis internationally for a number of years now, and have been to parts of the USA and Asia with Tennis Australia, and have represented my school, State, and country in a number of events and national tournaments. I also compete at the highest level in Perth and play number 1 position in my Women’s State League team. Over the past two years I used my savings to solo travel and compete in tournaments around Europe, and also played club competition matches for TC Zandvoort (Netherlands) and TC Rot-Weiss (Germany). Prior to my health issues which prevented me from playing matches mid-to-late 2023, I played a combination of club competition matches, national money tournaments, UTR pro tournaments and ITF tournaments, which I’m looking forward to doing again this year in 2024!

About you

I am totally committed to improving my overall game and my rankings by touring Europe and other parts of the world this year to compete against better players. By being exposed to many different players, conditions and environments, I would like to play as many matches as possible with the aim of achieving a WTA ranking this year.

In order to make this happen, I have created this profile to seek any kind of sponsorship or financial aid, and also for the opportunity of training at an academy at a reduced/affordable price.

I’m a driven athlete with a passion for all things related to health, travel, sustainability and connecting with others. I started playing tennis at the age of 10 after being inspired by my older brother and instantly fell in love with the game and all the good things that come with it – exercise, friendships, travel and more! Aside from tennis, I am currently in my second year at university studying a Bachelor of Communications, and also have three jobs (retail job, hospital job and tennis coaching job) to fund my tennis training, tournaments and travel. In my spare time I love going out for food with friends and relaxing at the beach (Perth has the best beaches!!!).

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

I’ve been working with Rhys McDougall from Mount Lawley Tennis Club in Perth for a number of years now, who focuses predominantly on the technical, tactical and psychological aspects of my game. My father Claude Iaconi feeds me baskets and is always there to help me when I need it, and Stefan Kok is my coach and hitting partner when I’m in The Netherlands.