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Simon Ebenezer Samuel - Tennis Coach


Simon Ebeneezer – Tennis Coach
I have 16 years of coaching experience, produced national level players, good at evidence-based training, got tool of my own for screening and conducted various workshops.

  • M.sc exercise physiology
  • B.P.Ed
  • P.G. Diploma in Sports Coaching Tennis
  • B.Sc Physical Education

Coaching times & fees
  • contact me on whatsapp regarding timing and fees.

Further information
  • ITF
  • AITA

As a passionate tennis coach, I have dedicated my life to honing skills of numerous players throughout my career.

With a wealth of experience gained from attending tennis workshops around the globe and overseeing more than ten centers.

my passion for the sport is unwavering. my coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in fostering a friendly and nurturing environment where players can thrive.

Beyond the court, my love for reading and hiking complements my commitment to the game, enriching my life with the same enthusiasm and vigor I bring to my coaching.

As a tennis coach, I’ve developed a comprehensive screening tool to assess every aspect of my players abilities, allowing me to tailor my coaching strategies effectively. I’m committed to evidence-based training, ensuring that every facet of a player’s development is rooted in scientific research and practical experience.

To maintain transparency and accountability, I provide my players with well-structured periodization schedules and regular progress reports. This integrated approach fosters an environment where players can track their growth, set achievable goals, and work towards reaching their full potential on tennis court.

  • 2006 Joined as assistant coach at Mylapore club, Chennai.
  • 2007 Joined as coach at Indira nagar club, Chennai.
  • 2008 Started my own center at D.A.E township Kalpakkam.
  • 2010 Extended my service by starting a new center at Kotturpuram, Chennai.
  • 2011 Designed a tool of my own for screening.
  • 2012 Conducted a national coaching camp organized by kendriya vidhyalaya school, Kalpakkam.
  • 2013 Extended my service starting a center in Tirunelveli.
  • 2015 conducted a national coaching camp organized by kendriya vidhyalaya school, Kalpakkam.
  • 2015 Training student of coaching course at Y.M.C.A College of Physical Education, Chennai.
  • 2016 Extended my service by starting 5 centers at different places in Chennai.
  • 2018 Extended my service by started coaching at Mahindra World Club, Chengalpet.
  • 2018 Extended my service by starting 2 centers including Mahindra world School, at Chengalpet.
  • 2018 Attended an International Tennis Workshop/conference at WTA Tour Finals, Singapore.
  • 2019 Started my new center at Atomic Energy Employees Township at kudankulam, Tirunelveli.
  • 2021 Created my own workshop content and organized a trial workshop in Chennai.
  • 2022 Attended an International Conference at Bali, Indonesia.
  • 2022 Organized a workshop at Chennai.


I am extremely grateful to have had Mr. Simon as my tennis coach. His unwavering support, expert guidance, and infectious enthusiasm for the game have been instrumental in my growth as a player. Himself not only improved my technical skills but also instilled in me a deep love for tennis. His patience and dedication to my progress were evident in every lesson. Hand down, he is the best coach I have played with.

Mr. Shyam


I have worked under several coaches, so I can confidently attest to the exceptional skills and dedication of Mr. Simon. His deep knowledge of the game, commitment to plater development, and passion for tennis make him an invaluable asset to coaching community, I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact they've had on their students, helping them reach their full potential. this was enough to convince me to work under Mr. Simon and learn the deeper aspects of the game.

Mr. siva