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Sotiris Skiadas


Passionate coach with extensive experience in tennis and padel. I create enjoyable, personalized experiences for leisure players, emphasizing fun and skill improvement. For high-performance athletes, I focus on technical precision, strategy, and mental resilience.

Adaptable and results driven, I foster motivation. Continuously updated with the latest coaching techniques, I aim to produce successful players embodying sportsmanship, teamwork, and commitment in both tennis and padel.


Education / Qualifications:

  • 2023: Master’s Degree in Padel Club Management & Coaching, Padelmba & Universidad de Murcia.
  • 2017-2018: Sports Management, Johan Cruyff Institute.
  • 2010-2012: Hospitality & Golf Management, Les Roches International Hospitality School, Marbella, Spain.
  • 2004-2009: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, University of Patras, Greece.


  • Languages: Greek (Mother tongue), English (Professional).
  • Computers: ECDL (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet).
  • Sports: Qualified Coach – Tennis, Padel, Golf.
  • Other: International Certification for Medical Treatment and First Aid Response.

With a decade of experience fusing the realms of 5-star hospitality and racquet sports coaching, I bring a unique blend of expertise to tennis and padel. My career journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in both leisure and high-performance settings.

Coaching Expertise: Over the past 10 years, I’ve specialized in tennis and padel, catering to diverse clients:

  1. Leisure Players: I create enjoyable, memorable experiences on the court. My coaching instills skill improvement and fosters joy in every session.
  2. High-Performance Athletes: I emphasize precision, strategy, and mental resilience for those striving for excellence. My commitment to achieving greatness has yielded impressive results.

5-Star Hospitality Integration: My background in 5-star hospitality equips me to create exceptional experiences, understanding the importance of personalized service and exceeding expectations both on and off the court.

Operational Excellence: Managing racquet sports facilities and programs is my forte. I ensure meticulous organization in court maintenance, scheduling, and overall efficiency.

Commitment to Professional Development: I stay at the forefront of coaching techniques, aiming to produce successful players who embody sportsmanship, teamwork, and unwavering commitment.


Professional Experience:

2021 – Present: Tennis Operation Manager at Mouratoglou Tennis Center – Costa Navarino, TEMES S.A

  • Responsible for overall Tennis operations.
  • Organize Tennis Center activities, events, exhibitions, tournaments, and programs.
  • Design tennis programs and supervise coaching team.
  • Develop annual calendar of tennis events.
  • Oversee Tennis Shop, inventory, and merchandising.
  • Coordinate maintenance, repair, and cleaning of courts.
  • Develop and manage the budget.
  • Focus on tennis business development.

2018 – 2021: Golf Operation Manager at Costa Navarino, TEMES S.A

  • Responsible for Golf and Club experience.
  • Oversees golf shop, caddy master, and operations.
  • Coordinates golf group tee times and services.
  • Maintains golf shop operations policies and procedures.
  • Handles guest and member interactions.
  • Manage maintenance of golf carts.
  • Schedule staff meetings and inter-departmental operations.
  • Establishes guidelines for Golf Operations.
  • Addresses guest and member complaints.

2014 – 2018: Tennis Professional at Navarino Racquet Academy

  • Lead a team to deliver tennis coaching programs.
  • Supervise facilities, events, exhibitions, and tournaments.
  • Presented a professional appearance and attitude.
  • Ensured health and safety standards.
  • Handle inquiries and bookings.