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Styrling Strother - Tennis Coach

North Carolina

Styrling Strother

Styrling Strother is recognized as one of the leading strategy and tactical coaches in the world today. He is the Creator of Tennis MapPlay, the #1 Tennis App that maps and charts match play based on the rally length of a point. Styrling is a Best Selling Author of the book “7 On Court Strategies” and the Founder of Transforming the Practice Court promoting high performance player development.


Styrling is a Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT) with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA) and a PTR Professional Coach who incorporates daily with his players the tennis specific performance training and injury prevention exercises to enhance their overall growth and development for their individual level of play.

Coaching times & fees

Please contact Styrling directly for more information on his coaching times and fees.

Styrling is often sought after by coaches around the world to design the practice court in a way that revolutionises a player’s mindset to successfully negotiate the pressures of competitive match play.

Please click the link to purchase your copy of Styrling’s online course Transform Your Practice Court.

Styrling released his first book in July 2017, ‘7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State‘ which has now become a #1 Best Selling Tennis Book.


Styrling as well as a best selling author, is the Co-Founder of the Art of Winning Global Project to focus on increasing the win rate of player’s 100% through very specific strategic and tactical practice. Styrling and Dan work with coaches and parents to help facilitate these strategic games and challenges that completely transform a player’s mindset and emotions during practice so they can negotiate the pressure of point play in their matches.

His coaching philosophy is shaped by the idea of “discovery through play” innovating mental and emotional strategies in a creative practice environment for players to succeed. Transforming the Practice Court is an on-court project which began by Styrling in 2012 to help players, parents, and coaches re-think and re-organize the way players train to win for the 21st century. This project has now fused into the Art of Winning Global Project and is about innovating the generational tried and true methods of coaching towards re-engineering the practice court with the necessary tools to succeed on the match court.

Using DATA Analytics through Styrling’s #1 rally-based tracking App called Tennis MapPlay released in 2019, Styrling has found a way to reverse engineer the practice court using key analytics from match play DATA. After meeting Craig O’Shannessy in 2015, Craig flew to Styrling’s home state of North Carolina to have him be a part of “The First 4 Shots” at Brain Game Tennis.

Known around the globe now as a leading expert on Tennis Data Analytics, Styrling continues to develop National and International Junior players as well as ATP Tour players with his new App, Tennis MapPlay to develop a winning mindset.

Check out his home website at www.transformpracticecourt.com as well as ‘Styrling Strother’ on Instagram and Facebook.

Styrling is also an internationally known speaker and develops Art of Winning Conferences across the US and abroad for players, parents and coaches to experience LIVE demonstrations of the Art of Winning practice court scenarios. He is open to discussions with any tennis federation or organizer of conferences to have him come and share his passion and knowledge of how to transform data analytics into incredible practice environments that translate to higher win rates in competitive match play.

Please contact Styrling via email or using any of his social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All links provided below.


As a former ATP Top 100 Player and current USTA High Performance Coach, I’m always looking for an edge to become better and without question, Styrling’s mentorship program helped me improve my coaching. Styrling is able to easily break down the Art and Science of what it takes to play WINNING TENNIS. I wish I would have had Styrling as my Coach while on the ATP Tour, it would have made a big difference breaking the Top 25 in the World.

Jeff Salzenstein, Former ATP Top 100 Player and Founder of Tennis Evolution


Styrling has been able to capture the essence of what it takes to be a high level tennis professional and coach in this book. I love his enthusiasm, resources he has chosen to use, the essential verbiage to great communication and how he addresses all the key areas to maximizing teaching essentials. It is a must read for all tennis professionals, coaches and players at all levels. It is a keeper...

Ken DeHart, PTR and USPTA International Master Professional, USA High Performance Coach


Anybody hooked on this beautiful game will devour Styrling's new book. It's one of those 'can't put it down' reads. 7 On Court Strategies to Experience Your Play State is entertaining and enlightening.

Frank Giampaolo, Best Selling Author, The Tennis Parents Bible and Emotional Aptitude in Sports, Founder, Mental-Emotional Tennis Workshop, World Renown International Coach & Speaker