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Taf-Tennis Academy, Austria

Upper Austria

taf-tennis academy

LET’S GET taf..!

As one of the largest and most successful private tennis school in Austria, we have been an integral part of the Austrian tennis scene for more than 15 years.
In these 15 years, the tennis academy Fellner Zandomeneghi has grown from a classic tennis school to a reliable ALL-ROUND SERVICE PROVIDER in tennis and can rightly claim to have positioned and established the “taf” brand with sustainability in Austrian tennis.

Our experience is our competence.

In order to successfully put all this into practice, a TEAM of more than 35 employees, trainers and volunteers works every day in our PERFORMANCE BASES in Thalheim and Amstetten, as well as in over 40 taf PARTNER ASSOCIATIONS in Upper Austria and Lower Austria that we currently support.

This team, which has worked perfectly over the years, consists of our top-motivated TENNIS COACHES, who receive regular internal training and further education, as well as our professional MANAGEMENT, which takes care of the back office and hall management as well as all PR and marketing affairs.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we have been employing a number of international coaches in our tennis academy for several years. They have followed the excellent reputation that we now enjoy beyond national borders and support our players with their extensive experience.

In addition, we have been running our own taf-tennis PRO-SHOP and stringing service at the taf tennis center in Thalheim since 2014, where you can get EVERYTHING you need for your tennis game – including competent advice and best prices.

Well-engineered school cooperation with selected schools in Wels and Amstetten, which runs smoothly in practice, as well as partnerships with local fitness studios and renowned insurance companies, which optimally support both our players and our trainers if necessary, round off our package as a tennis academy, in which players and coaches can fully concentrate on their sport.

We also cooperate with physiotherapists, fitness trainers and doctors in order to be able to offer you a professional environment in every respect. We know the responsible persons from the Austrian Tennis Association and are happy to support you in cooperation with the associations if necessary.

Head Coach: Helmut Fellner
Head Coach: Marco Zandomeneghi

Tennis coach for our performance bases and our partner clubs with entry ASAP. Click here to view the job listing


2 performance bases (Wels & Amstetten) with all together

  • 12 outdoor courts (all clay)
  • 13 indoor courts (3 clay, 1 hard, 9 carpet)

Gym, own Tennis-Shop, stringing & racket-tuning center


Performance Training

In our high-performance bases in Amstetten & Thalheim/Wels, where year-round training can be guaranteed thanks to our own halls, we train with children and young people of all ages in group or individual training, all year round or for a limited time in courses and camps. We try to bring our players ever closer to their personal performance level with specially tailored training plans or to raise and improve this consistently in order to enable everyone to achieve their individual goals and dreams.

Tournament Support

In our taf future team, our greatest talents are also given the opportunity to go to selected national and international tournaments with taf coaches at low cost. This model of professional, taf-internal support at the most important tournaments of the year, which was launched in 2008 and promoted by well-known companies that are willing to support young athletes, has proven to be the perfect training optimization:

It’s the tournament matches that provide direct information about the current performance of a player.

Fitness, Mental & Tactical Training

Training at the highest level at taf means:

You not only work on your tennis technique, but also work hard on your sports motor skills, athleticism and endurance, on your tactics, attitude and mental strength. For us, professional fitness and motor skills training is an integral part of our weekly training, as is regular mental and tactical training for our players to make them fit for all game and life situations related to the sport.

School Partnerships, Etc

Professional training & school education – something that both children and parents face again and again with problems when it comes to reconciling these two points. As a tennis academy, it is therefore particularly important to us to support our players in optimally combining both areas.

Last but not least, it is good school performance that serves as the basis for sporting success by enabling the children or young people to focus fully on the respective training priorities. The same applies to a secure professional perspective, which is why apprenticeship training plays an important role.

Thanks to our cooperation with selected schools and companies in the immediate vicinity, it is possible for our top players to train a certain number of morning hours – flexibly adapted to the respective training or timetable. As a result, school leave for competitions (tournaments, etc.) will also be made easier and coordinated by us accordingly.

Well-engineered partnerships with local fitness studios and well-known insurance companies that have been implemented smoothly in practice, which optimally support both our players and our trainers if necessary, round off our package as a tennis academy, in which players and trainers can fully concentrate on their sport. perfect off.

Tennis Camps

Every summer you can use our popular taf INTENSIVE WEEKS, which have been tried and tested for years, to stay on the ball and improve your tennis even during the school holidays!

In addition, with our taf SUMMER TRAINING, which we launched two years ago, you have the opportunity to continue training flexibly and individually between the intensive weeks.

A special highlight among all camps is definitely our traditional taf EASTER CAMP, where we have been going to beautiful Pula in Croatia during Holy Week since 2014. A total of over 100 players (both taf players and always welcome external training guests) & their companions the great conditions on site to prepare intensively and goal-oriented for the upcoming summer season with the taf coaches present.

Partner Clubs

In addition to the base training, we help our now numerous and sometimes long-standing partner clubs in Upper Austria and Lower Austria to organize high-quality adult and team training, which we then carry out directly on site with our highly qualified and highly motivated trainers. In addition to the classic spring block training, we also organize our always very well booked summer camps during the school holidays, which have always been very popular with young and old. We are always happy to provide our partner clubs with good and dedicated advice on all things tennis-related.