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Thomas Alm - Tennis Coach


If you are playing tennis to win and improve you have come to the right place! Whether it has been great professional results, US college results, taking medals at the prestigious Central American Games, or becoming Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Maltese, or even Nordic champion I have done it all.

  • GPTCA Level B International Coach, ATP certified
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Coaches Course step 3
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Coaches Course step 2
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Coaches Course step 1
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Tennis Coaching step 2
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Tennis Coaching step 1
  • Swedish Tennis Fed, Basic Tennis Coaching
  • The Academy, Run coach education
  • Bergklint Education, Lic Nutrition Counselor
  • The Academy, Lic. Personal Trainer
  • The Academy, Lic. Training Instructor
  • The Academy, Theoretical Education
  • Concept Educations, TRX Suspension Training
  • Crossfit training, Crossfit Endurance
  • Swedish Athletics Fed, Run coaching step 2
  • Swedish Athletics Fed, Run coaching step 1
  • Harding University, one year Business Administration
  • Emporia State University, one year Computer Science
  • Bromma Gymnasium high school three years

Coaching times & fees

Call me Whatsapp +46763383333 for quote!

Further information
  • GPTCA Level B – ATP Certified
  • WTCA – Women’s Tennis Coaching Association

Started playing tennis at 14, played college tennis in the US on scholarship for Emporia State University and Harding University. Have coached tennis for 30+ years, competitive players full time for 25+ years. I have also coached running, obstacle course racing, weight (muscle)gain, weight loss, and in nutrition.

I am all in for the player I work with, I do what it takes for them. I don’t need flashy hotels or exclusive restaurants, I just want hard and smart work. I have two goals: that the player is happy and that the player wins. If you want to get 100% out of your potential we will reach it together as a team, as long as there is a will there is a way. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Maria Fernanda Navarro, Mexico May-November 2023

Coach for Fernanda WTA #635. Together we reached the two goals that were set; taking a medal in the 2023 Central American Games representing Mexico (Fernanda won 1 bronze and 2 silver medals) and being selected for the 2023 Pan-American Games. In addition Fernanda reach a career high doubles ranking (WTA #397) and went from 671 to 635 in the WTA singles ranking.

Jacqueline Cabaj Awad, Sweden 2021 & 2023

Travel coach for WTA #500 Jacqueline in Ecuador 2021, Spain 2023, and Dominican Republic 2023 for ITF $25000 tournaments

Maja Radenkovic, Sweden 2022-2023

In just four months I took Maja from no ranking to WTA 1134 and taking her first pro title winning the UTR $25000 in Dubai beating players ranked 890, 562, 406, and 306 in the process.

Darja Semenistaja, Latvia 2021-2022 

I started working with Darja in may of 2021, when she was ranked WTA 1200. In the following 15 months she went to 271 on the WTA ranking, and in this timespan winning 167 matches, including 7 ITF $15000 tournaments, 5 UTR $25000 tournaments, 3 ITF $25000 tournaments, and the Latvian championships in singles as well as one ITF $15000 tournament in doubles. Darja won more pro titles than any other player in 2021 and had a total of 3 tournament and 15+ matches winning streaks in our period together.

Iana Tishchenko, Moldova May 2020

Coached Iana (high rank 950) in Spain

Jakob Johansson-Holm, Sweden 2011-2020

Jakob came to me in 2011 as a junior on his way down. I took him from 5 to 2 in Sweden, 212 on the ITF junior ranking, and 1085 on the ATP ranking while on playing one full calendar season. He also won the Nordic team championships for Sweden.

Matija Pecotic, Croatia 2006-2008

I coached Matija before he went to Princeton and after tennis to Harvard, helping him getting in to Princeton and having a stellar college tennis career despite only being 1023 in the ITF junior rankings. After his college tennis career, Matija went on to a ATP singles career high of 206.

Njål Foss Stene, Norway 2002-2008

Started with me as a 14 year old. Our first Norwegian championships together he lost in straight sets in the first round to a player who lost in straight sets in the second round. At 18 he won the same tournament in his age group and became Norwegian champion. After high school he had one year of tennis where he, despite only playing one tournament, got to an ATP doubles ranking of 1439. After that year Njål went to Stetson university and Duke university in the USA.

Anna-Viktoria Lind, Sweden 1999-2007

The first player that I helped individually, she started 147 in Sweden in her age group, finished junior career as number 2. Got as high as 526 on the combined ITF junior ranking and 1054 in singles and 809 in doubles on the WTA ranking despite only playing half a year after high school before going to college in the United States. At UCLA she captained the team one season and was a part of the team that won the team championships and had the honor to go to the White House and meet president George W Bush.

College excellence, United States 2005-

I have helped several players to full scholarships in universities in the United States, the best results are Division 1 national team champion for women and ranked no 2 in Division 1 in the nation individually for men. Schools where my students have attended include UCLA, Duke, Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Princeton, and Columbia Law School.