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Yevhen Kryvets


“Tennis, tennis!” my father told me. I agreed! Since then my life has become a game. And I want this game never to end.

  • Kharkov Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, speciality tennis, 1992-1998
  • Certificate, massage,1998
  • Head coach of the  city Sevastopol team, 2010-2013
  • License PZT , Poland 2022-23
  • Certificate of Recreation educator, Szczecin, 2022




Coaching times & fees
  • email: evgenijkrivets75@gmail.com
  • WhatsApp +48518049023

Further information
Tennis Federation of the city of Sevastopol.

Hello. My name is Yevhen Kryvets. I am a tennis coach from Crimea, now I live in Poland. I have over 25 years of experience. I graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Physical Culture and Sports.

In my sports career I reached the level of the USSR national team. The highest ranking was number 6. Prize-winner of the USSR Championship (1989), three times winner of the Ukrainian Championship.

I work with athletes, amateurs and children. Some of my athletes study, live and play tennis in America. I have a PZT (Poland) trainer license. I am communicative, reliable and punctual.

I want to find a job in Europe, in a tennis club with a good team of coaches.

  • 1992-1998 Worked as a coach with amateurs, children’s groups and athletes. Poland, Szczecin. Main sparring with Marchin Matkowski.
  • 1998-2013 Tennis coach teacher at the Sevastopol Sports School, Head coach of the city Sevastopol team.
  • 2013-2021 Tennis coach teacher at Moscow State University. Worked with children, amateurs, athletes.
  • 2021-2023 Worked as a coach in ‘SKT Szczecin’ Tennis club. Worked with amateurs and children’s groups.
  • 2023 Work as a tennis coach  in ‘Dream’ tennis club . Work with athlete Okorokova Aleksandra and amateur groups.


Good afternoon. Having worked with Evgeniy for several years, I can say that the training was carried out at a high professional level. The sparring coach devoted himself entirely to the training process, tried to help in development, and listened to requests. I felt comfortable working with Evgeniy. Thank you very much.

Marchin Matkowski


Hello! We started working with Egeniy not so long ago. But in such a short time, I realized the opportunity to move forward with his professional skills and qualities. He has the ability to explain every detail. I feel very comfortable working with him.

Aleksandra Okorokowa