Ramon Osa discusses the positive solutions to the Corona Virus for Tennis


Good morning Ramon Osa, its a pleasure to have you here today. Could you first tell the audience a little about yourself and your tennis history?

Hi Mark, thanks so much… it’s a pleasure to be with you. Sure.  I got started teaching tennis 15 years ago.  And 5 years ago, decided to start a youtube channel based on tennis instruction.

After making a TON of mistakes… and figuring some stuff out, I decided to start creating digital products and courses for tennis players.

After learning some of the keys to being successful with this (through some trial and error and A LOT of investment into marketing courses and seminars)…

I decided to start teaching these principles to tennis pros. That is my passion now.

Thats great Ramon, really interesting!  So first thing is first, how are you keeping throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?  Are you doing much differently and how is it all effecting you?

Well, I’m in a fortunate position.  My business is really focused on helping tennis pros create a powerful personal brand and multiple streams of income using video.

And obviously, right now… tennis pros are flocking to these skill sets because they know that this will be a crucial part of their success in the immediate term, and the long term.

So I’m working around the clock to provide tennis pros with training material to help them develop this skill set, and reduce the “what am I doing here?” time to virtually zero.

I first heard about and met you via social media!  How important do you think social media is for a tennis coach and what benefits does having a large following give the modern day coach?

Great question Mark.  Yeah, it’s huge. We live in a time now where we have ability to get in front of ANYONE using social media. In fact, I just did a video on this.

Commercials used to cost $20,000 to shoot.  And air on a 30 second spot on some obscure late night tv show, that may or may not have been shown to an audience that would ACTUALLY want the product or service.

Now, we have the ability to put our marketing messages in front of the PERFECT PERSON that we want to work with.

For pennies on the dollar.

As for organic social media (non-paid)… that’s still huge.  If you have the ability to navigate social media, and you can create something that people want, and give it to them in a very friendly way… You’re going to be very successful.

You have a huge following on social media.  Can you tell our viewers how you were able to do that? Can you let us know some of the mistakes you made in the past and what you did to rectify this?

Getting a huge social media following is all about providing consistent, quality content… And having a goofy smile apparently. I kid.

I started shooting tennis videos a few years back… and suddenly people started following me on Youtube, and then they followed me to Facebook. Really it’s all about providing helpful content… and being uplifting, which I try to do (without being weird or ask people to sing Kum-Ba-Ya or anything).

Oh man… mistakes? How long ya got?

Biggest mistake…

Was probably putting out a product that I made, just because I needed the money. This came at the expense of the quality of it. That was a tough lesson to learn. Not only did it not sell particularly well, but my brand also took a hit.

From that moment on I made it my mission to always put out the best stuff I could… That way I helped people the most that I could.

You have interviewed some big names in recent times including Rick Macci and Jeff Salzenstein to name a few.  From your personal experience what is the best advice you have learnt from these legends of the game?

To look at this whole pandemic through the lens of truth. It’s not as bad as it seems.  (I’m not saying it’s GOOD, by any stretch). But in any crisis, there is opportunity.

If we can find those opportunities (the fact that sport is something we’ve always cherished… and miss dearly is a big one)… We know how to market it correctly… We can grow our game, and our personal brands at the same time.

Am led to believe you have an online course coming out shortly.  Can you tell us about this and who it is aimed at?

Sure, well I have a free training out called “How to Create Tennis Videos That ACTUALLY Make Money”… In that training you’ll learn the 3 step process to creating videos that get attention, deliver massive value, and ultimately make you money.

You can download it for free at www.osaclass.com

Finally what in your opinion will happen to the rest of the 2020 tennis season and do you believe this will be right for the game?

Well, as painful as it sounds, we should be overly cautious with this whole thing. I know none of us want to be off court… But it’s better to be overcautious than it is to jump back in too soon and risk a relapse.

So, when will it be back? Nobody knows.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with me today Ramon.  You really have a unique perspective and I wish you every bit of luck with your business.  If you would like to contact Ramon about anything please check out his website, YouTube Channel (make sure you subscribe) or you can email him on ramon@ramonosatennis.com 

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