SportsProsConnect College Scholarship Partner Program Launched!

College Scholarship Partner Program Launched!


Introducing SportsProsConnect’s College Scholarship Partner Program!

We’re thrilled to announce the exciting next chapter for SportsProsConnect! Our platform is constantly evolving, and as you know, we’re committed to providing the best resources for the racket sports industry.

Building a One-Stop Shop for Racket Sports

SPC is rapidly becoming the go-to platform for everything in the racket sports world. With Tennis Player Profile (TPP), we created a powerful tool for athletes to showcase their skills. Partnering with college recruiting experts was the next logical step to empower athletes further.

Since launching Tennis Player Profiles (TPP), it became clear that US college recruiting was a natural fit for SPC. We’re excited to announce partnerships with three leading companies specialising in connecting tennis players with US college scholarships.


Introducing Our Trusted Partners:

We’ve chosen to collaborate with three long-standing SPC members who understand the platform’s value and share our vision.

We’re proud to collaborate with Gabor Pelva (GoCollegeSports), Mark Finnegan (All Sports Recruitment, Ireland), and Pepe Pinto (Top College USA, Spain). Together, we’ll make a significant impact on the tennis scholarship landscape.

Here’s what one of our partners, Gabor Pelva of GoCollegeSports (Hungary), had to say:

“Partnering with SportsProsConnect for college recruitment goes beyond finding talent. It’s about empowering athletes to reach their full potential with guidance from experienced professionals. SPC is the ideal platform to connect prospects with recruitment services, making this a perfect partnership.”


A Streamlined Path to College Tennis Success

Here’s how it works: aspiring student-athletes can create their SPC profiles to showcase their talents. SPC will then guide them in applying to each partner for a free appraisal. This allows athletes to choose the recruiter who best aligns with their needs.

While some might see our partners as competitors, they all share a common goal: to provide student-athletes with the most efficient and effective support.

These partnerships are another giant leap towards making SPC the one-stop shop for everything racket sports!

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