The Progression of change from Social Tennis to Sports Pros Connect

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Its been a tough ride working on sportsprosconnect.com. We have had our ups and downs and it will certainly be sad to have to let sportsprosconnect.com go after so many years in existence. The business has been active since the 1990’s in some capacity and was a legacy given to me by my late father. I feel I have done as much as I can for it and it is time for a change! All good things come to an end!
The domain name has been niggling at me for quite some time really. When I initially took over the business, coaches would say ‘I dont want to be known as a social coach. I am a performance coach’. We feel for what we were trying to achieve, although others didn’t want to say it, that is what they were thinking. I may be wrong, however we have a list of well over 150 coaches that have said they love what we are doing, I will definitely sign up and have yet to do so. We would like to think that many of them may decide to sign up once the new site has been launched. Maybe that is wishful thinking on our behalf but that is just me, you always have to have a positive outlook, you have to stay positive in this business.
The other reason we feel we need to change the domain is that ‘Social Tennis’ doesn’t really describe what we are trying to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I think sportsprosconnect.com is a great domain name. We may well use it for something else in the future, however from the moment we change over to Sportsprosconnect.com, sportsprosconnect.com will be a defunct domain.


So, why am I so excited by my new venture you may ask? The simple answer to that is that we are not limiting ourselves to one market. We are opening up to the market of sport all over the world.
The aim of Sportsprosconnect.com is simply to ‘Connect Sports Coaches, to students, to Academies and Resorts all over the world.’ We aim to do this using the continuation of the coach web page on the directory with an added option of a booking system for their lessons. We will be opening our coach web pages up to coaches of all sports, and each sport will have a separate sub-site. There will also be some new and improved functions.
We believe Academies are an essential part in players learning a particular sport. Using the example of tennis, I was chatting to a customer of mine in India. He said that many players had reached a level which is too high for some of the coaching and therefore many parents wanted to send their son / daughter to an Academy.
How do you search for an Academy? Our aim is to build marketing pages for Academies so as a player you can choose the Academy. Some will not want an Academy full time and may only want a week or 2 training away from their home environment. You would only have to have an idea of where you want to go and there will be Academies listed which will be able to help the client. The Academy will pay a yearly subscription to have their Academy listed and included in the price will be 2 free coach web pages. Each time the Academy listing increases as does the coach directory.
We already have 2 Academy sites built and ready to be uploaded once the website goes live towards the end of May. We are also just waiting on enough information to create another 10-15. You can view them here:
Barcelona Tennis Academy
Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy
As mentioned before, as an Academy, when you sign up you will be given 2 coach pages free of charge. Here are links to the Head Coaches / Owners listed in the above Academies:
Raphael Maurer
Scott Wakefield
Additional to this, we will also be having a section on sporting travel companies. These will include our partners Active Away, and Tuscan Tennis Holidays who both specialise in tennis holidays. If you are in the market for a trip away to play or be coached, you will be able to find and contact somebody who will be able to help you.
We will also keep our directory of club websites. This was part of sportsprosconnect.com as far back as 2005 and we have paying customers, who have paid a yearly fee since then. This will also be open to any club for any sport, wherever you are in the world.

So, whats next?

We are calling on whoever is reading this to reach out. Whether you are a coach of any sport and want some simple promotion, we can help! If you are an Academy or Resort Manager or owner for any sport, please reach out. If you own a Travel Company for Sport, whether it be ticketing, playing or being coached, please also reach out…
We are looking for people to help out with the project. If you are looking for an additional hobby or income and you are well connected, please reach out… Or even if you see the immense value we have in this project, please also contact us about an investment in the business. We are open to hearing from anybody at all who feels they can give value to the project.
You will also see our Social Media coverage starting to change from sportsprosconnect.com to Sportsprosconnect.com. If you do see this, please give us a like or a follow. Currently we have only managed to update facebook so please click here to see our facebook page and give us a like and share!
Finally we will be aiming to launch Sportsprosconnect.com at the WTCA (Womens Tennis Coaching Association) Conference in Paris on Friday 25th to Saturday 26th May. We look forward to seeing you there! There are not many tickets left, but if you wish to go, please sign up now by clicking here.

Mark Wylam (Owner sportsprosconnect.com)




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