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Laura Ann Tomaso

Cecilia Innes

Laura Ann Tomaso – CEO and Founder of Sterling Destinations, is a business, travel, and event coordinator with years of experience in office administration for high-level financial firms. An avid world traveler, Laura Ann has served as a guide throughout many international destinations, including England, Ireland, Greece, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Cecilia Innes – has traveled world wide as a photo-journalist for prestigious publications such as Marie Claire, World of Interiors, and Vogue. As well, she has served as a walking tour guide manager in Italy and Spain. Currently, Cecilia resides in Javea, Spain and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Cecilia’s connection with the region goes back a long way to when her great grandfather bought a house in Denia, Spain. Brought up and educated bilingual, Cecilia feels she has an English mind but Spanish heart. Cecilia’s adventurous spirit & her experiences of camping in the Andes, surfing on the beaches of Perú, and living in India have served to embrace an open, multi-cultural spirit that seeks to cultivate balance, harmony and inner strength.


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"Once a year our family of four grown children gather together to celebrate a birthday, graduation or some accomplishment. This year we decided to find a place that would allow for great hiking and an experience with nature. We found Sterling Destinations to design the perfect weekend filled with all the little touches that make each moment special. Thank you for a great experience."

Dr. Evie Rotstein | Director, New York School of Education Hebrew Union College – JIR

“Laura Ann really gets it. She understands the value of exposure first to turn the heart on fire. If the heart is on fire; then the brain in time turns on fire. Emotions drives attention and attention drives learning! I salute Laura Ann for now offering to others the benefits of the experience her own son enjoyed while traveling to Spain to attend a world-renowned tennis camp, learn a new language and discover the beauty of sailing all in a wonderful setting.”

Marvin Dent1, Tennis Coach

"To those who are considering this opportunity, Laura Ann is a world traveler like no other. She has the abilities to multitask travel in a way that protects and enhances your experiences of the local cultures. Children love her as she opens her heart to the imagination of others and does everything she can to create a magical experience, especially for the kids. Laura Ann is not only an expert coordinator of transportation; she knows first hand the ins and outs of all the countries she visits. Her interest in language, sports, and local cuisine make her a very rare person indeed. I highly recommend her as a caregiver, loving teacher and experienced guide for active children. She will make them laugh, feed them well, give them skills, and in the end, all will want more!!!"

Thomas Chase Jones, CEO JonesTV;

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