Relax, Recharge and Play: The Perfect Racquet Sports Holiday in Italy

Relax, Recharge & Play: The Perfect Racquet Sports Holiday in Italy

Dreaming of an unforgettable Italian escape that combines relaxation with your love for racket sports? Look no further than Sportur Club Hotel in Cervia, Italy. In this interview, Marco, the Hotel Manager and a dedicated padel tennis player himself, unveils the hidden gem that awaits you. Discover exceptional facilities like beach tennis courts, padel courts, and even pickleball courts (new for 2024!). Plus, SportsProsConnect members can unlock exclusive discounts on their summer stay – keep reading to find out how!


Good evening, Marco! Thanks very much for taking this opportunity to speak with us today. Please introduce yourself to our readers here today…

Hi there! Thanks for having me. I’m Marco, the Hotel Manager at Sportur Club Hotel. I’ve been working here for many years and am actually one of the people who helped develop our popular sport holidays. I’m also a passionate padel and tennis player myself – a classic right-side player, to be exact!

We’re excited to learn more about Sportur Club Hotel in Ravenna, Italy! Can you tell us a bit more about the hotel’s philosophy?

Our company has a long history in the sports holiday market. We believe in a simple yet powerful mantra: “Be Positive,Be Active, Be Relaxed, Be Sustainable.” What this means is that through our services, we aim to help people have a truly enriching holiday experience, feeling just as good on vacation as they do at home.

In terms of facilities, what sets Sportur Club Hotel apart and provides exceptional service to its guests?

For racquet sports holiday enthusiasts, we offer a fantastic combination of wellness, delicious food, and top-notch sports facilities. Imagine your perfect day: waking up to a delightful breakfast in our beautiful garden, followed by some invigorating beach sports or joining one of our organised fitness sessions. Afterward, you can savor a delicious buffet lunch at our “Cinque Cerchi” restaurant before unwinding on the beach or indulging in a relaxing afternoon at our spa. Weekends often feature exciting organised sports events where you can witness skilled players showcase their talents on the beach.

Tell us more about the racquet sports courts available at Sportur Club Hotel. Why should racquet sports enthusiasts choose your facilities?

Racquet sports are a big part of what we offer! We have dedicated beach tennis courts, two padel tennis courts, and even a brand new pickleball court added this year – all located right on the beach! But that’s not all. Through partnerships with local tennis clubs, we offer access to eight red clay tennis courts as well, giving you a great variety of options.

Do you have any special programs or discounts for racquet sports holiday enthusiasts, particularly those connected to SportsProsConnect?

Absolutely! We offer a special weekly discount of 10% for SportsProsConnect members – just use the code SPORTSPROCONNECT2024 during booking. We also have even more enticing offers during specific weeks throughout the summer. SportsProsConnect members can enjoy discounts between 15% and 20% during these special weeks: July 27th – August 4th, August 24th – 31st, and September 9th – 16th. On top of that, these weeks also include exclusive benefits for group bookings.

How can our readers who are SportsProsConnect members book their stay at Sportur Club Hotel this summer?

Booking is easy! Email us on info@sporturclubhotel.com and  head over to our website, fill out the booking form, and mention “SportsProsConnect” in the notes section. This will allow us to create a special offer designed specifically for racquet sports lovers like you!


SPC Profile: https://sportsprosconnect.com/profiles/sporturclubhotel/

Website: https://m.sporturhotel.com/en/




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