Unveiling the Success of Teddy Tennis and Teddy Padel Franchises

Unveiling the Success of Teddy Tennis & Teddy Padel Franchises

This blog post explores the world of Teddy Tennis and Teddy Padel franchises, uncovering the secrets behind their global success. Discover Teddy Tennis’ unique approach to engaging young children in sports and the exciting launch of Teddy Padel.

Good afternoon Stephen Bean, it’s great to have you here… Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your amazing franchise business Teddy Tennis / Teddy Sports World?

Stephen Bean: Thank you for having me! I’m Stephen Bean, co-founder of Teddy Tennis, part of Teddy Sports World. Our mission is to inspire young children to get active and learn new sports through our engaging, story-led programmes. At Teddy Tennis, we integrate music, pictures, and stories into sports training, making it not only fun but also highly effective for kids aged 2 to 6 years. We’ve successfully franchised our concept globally over the last 20 years, and we’re continually improving and adding to the business.

Thanks very much Stephen… Who was the brains behind Teddy Tennis and how did you come up with the concept originally?

Stephen Bean: My co-founder and brother Richard and I have a shared passion for the sport, and the idea for Teddy Tennis was sparked when we noticed a gap in early childhood sports and saw the opportunity to make tennis accessible and enjoyable for the very young. Our concept was to use familiar themes and fun activities to introduce the sport, which helps in developing not only physical skills but also cognitive and social abilities at an early age. We worked out the concept and tested it with kids in our target age range, and the initial response was staggering; parents couldn’t believe the speed with which kids became engaged, and at which their skills improved. We knew from the start that we had something really special.

Unveiling the Success of Teddy Tennis & Teddy Padel Franchises

Teddy Tennis is a fun and interactive way of learning!

Where is Teddy Sports World most popular? Please tell us about some of the destinations that already use the franchise?

Stephen Bean: Teddy Tennis has found great success in diverse locations around the world, including the UK, Egypt, Pakistan, the USA, and South Africa. Each of these has shown a fantastic reception to our programme, with parents and coaches appreciating our unique approach to engaging young children in sports. The warm response from such varied countries and demographics is one of the things we at Teddy Sports World are most proud of; this concept really does work for every child, regardless of background or location.

Why do you think these destinations are popular for Teddy Sports World?

Stephen Bean: What we’ve found over our two decades in business is that it’s not so much the location or market, as the people behind the business. That’s the franchise owners or licensees, and their teachers and team. Teddy Tennis is a great business for anyone with a strong focus on childhood development, or those wanting to promote activity in kids at a young age, and it’s also an incredibly valuable add-on for anyone with a club or existing coaching business.

Can you please let us know some of the destinations you feel would be good to practice, and where is your target market for franchises all around the world?

Stephen Bean: Our franchise model provides an excellent framework, with everything from detailed lesson plans to an online teaching system, but it’s the passion and energy of the delivery of classes that brings Teddy Tennis to life. We’ve seen franchises succeed in developing nations and in booming economies, in big cities and small towns, and we’ve seen it succeed when handled by seasoned tennis pros and by those who just love providing a fun activity. That’s why we make sure to work with the right people – wherever they are.

I believe you are shortly to be introducing Teddy Padel. Congratulations and good luck for the launch! Are there plans to add other sports to the brand?

Stephen Bean: Thank you! Yes, Teddy Padel is set to launch soon, and we are thrilled about it. We’re making Padel, the world’s fastest growing sport accessible to kids aged 2 to 6, opening up new markets and providing clubs with an immensely valuable way to fill gaps and boost revenue now and into the future. Looking ahead, we have another sport launching this year, and another in 2025, and we’re exploring possibilities to incorporate other popular sports into our portfolio. We believe that our engaging approach can be effectively adapted to any sport – it’s a unique method that is aimed at the kids, rather than built solely around the sport’s skills.


Thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us today Stephen! For anybody interested in the Teddy Tennis or Teddy Padel Franchise, how do our viewers get hold of you?

Stephen Bean: It’s been a pleasure. We love to talk to potential new partners and show them in more detail what we can offer them and their community. For anyone interested in learning more about the Teddy Tennis or Teddy Padel franchise opportunities, I invite you to visit our websites at www.teddytennis.com and www.teddypadel.com. You can reach us directly through our contact page or by emailing us at info@teddysportsworld.com. We’re always ready to talk Teddy!

Teddy Tennis is a fun and interactive way of learning!

Teddy Tennis is a fun and interactive way of learning!

Mark: Let’s end with a quick fire round!
  • Favourite Name:  Stephen
  • Favourite Sport:  Rowing
  • Best Achievement: Rowing at Henley Royal Regatta
  • Who will win French Open: Carlos Alcaraz
  • Favourite Tennis Player:  Björn Rune Borg
  • Favourite Food:  Rack of Lamb
  • Favourite Colour:  Blue
  • Most famous celebrity you have met: Angela Rippon

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