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Ana Cvetkovic - Tennis Coach


Ana Cvetkovic

Hi, my name is Ana, and I am a tennis coach from Serbia.  I have now been working as a coach for two decades and love to improve all different levels of female players.  I love competitive tennis and I am a workaholic. Working with high level competitive players.  Currently located in Nis, Serbia and working with Teodora Kostovic ITF ranked 14 in the world.



  • Taylor Junior College, TX and Grand Canyon University, Phoenix
  • Major: Global Marketing and Public Relations

Coaching Qualifications:

  • National licence C and B in Serbia
  • Attended Coaches seminars in Dubrovnik 2017, in Sarajevo 2018,
  • Attended USPTR in Boise, Idaho 2018

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Ana directly for more information on her availability and coaching fees
  • Ana can be contacted via WhatsApp on +381 60 14 77 094
  • Or via email on golubovic_a@hotmail.com

Further information
  • Tournament Director for Futures 10k man and women in Tazivkovic 4 years in a row
  • Captain for National Team Serbia U12 Girls  2012, 2013 (was in finals in England, 2nd place) , 2014
  • Captain for National Team Serbia U14 Girls 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Experience as a player:

  • National Team of Yugoslavia U12, U14, U16
  • Over 200 tournaments played on National and International level
  • Best ranking ITF Junior 218
  • 35 satelite professional tournaments
  • 4 seasons in German Oberlige
  • College Tennis 4 years, 7 times All American

Here are a few photos of Ana with some of her students at recent events on the Tennis Europe Tour


Experience as a coach:

  • 2021-2022: Head coach at Gorin Tennis Academy in Barcelona
  • April 2022: Started and currently is with Zoe Crimmel and Leontina Stojanovic
  • Summer Camps in Phoenix, Arizona 1993, 1994
  • Assistent Coach for Jelena Gencic in Tennis Camps on Kopaonik, Serbia
  • Tennis Club „Radnički“  in Niš, Serbia head of tennis school
  • Play and stay program  director and program and advanced u12 u14 players
  • Started at Tennis Academy Zivkovic as head coach for developing players under 10 years in 2007
  • Coached advanced players 10 – 18years old, for 6 years at Tennis Academy Zivkovic, Nis, Serbia
  • 2013 starting as Individual Coach of Jovana Babic 2001(Srb) and Andela Petrovic2003 (Swiss)
  • After a year with Jovana Babic she finished as 2 in Nation
  • 2014 May started with Olga Danilović 2001 (260 ITF at the time we started) Junior, after 4 month of work, September 15th she was 99th and ready to play Junior G Slams
  • After Olga Danilovic, I was working with Jovana Vukovic 2000, Tamara Erakovic 2002, Natalija Popovic 1999, and many others ITF Junior top 700 – 200 players
  • 4 years with Angela Petrovic 2003(Swiss R3)
  • And 3 years with Neda Milenkovic 2004 (from no ranking to TE U16 360 ranking)
  • Worked over 20 summer camps and traveling on TE and ITF for 10years with different players
  • Since 2012 I am National Coach and Captain of Serbia for girls U12 and U14
  • Also was U16 Captain for National Team of Serbia girls at Youth Olympic Games in Utrecht
  • October 2019 started with Ananya Vartak 2003 from UK
  • Unfortunate sudden ending with Vartak due to covid 19 global pandemic
  • Srarted at Tennis Academy, Zivkovic, Nis, Serbia 1. July 2020 until feb 25th 2021
  • Feb 2021 have been working with Anastasija Cvetkovic , Masa Mitic, Luna Urso Until November when I started at Gorin Tennis Academy in Barcelona as head coach
  • due to war in Ukrainian and Russia, Academy closed  March 2022
  • started coaching Leontina Stojanovic and Zoe Crimmel April 1st and still coaching both of them
  • traveling with Lola Radivojevic (WTA 252) in 2023
  • currently working with Teodora Kostovic