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Since 1999 we have provided services to lovers of tennis. Read more…

Now, we are delighted to provide services to lovers of ALL SPORTS!!.  We changed our domain in May 2018, in order to open up more possibilities.  We have added functionality within our coach web pages, including the option of being able to sell lessons directly.

We have opened up our coach directory to members of every sport.  If there is a sport not set up yet, we will do that for you.  We have also added Sporting Academy and Resort pages, and also Sporting Travel Agencies.  The aim is for a one stop shop, if you are a coach, player or even a spectator you will be able to find what you require from this website.

If you have any questions about the site, please contact us directly on and one of our staff will be able to help you!

Our mission is to ‘Connect sports players, coaches, and fans with a one stop shop to find academies, resorts and agencies worldwide’.  We hope you enjoy what we have on offer!!

Mark Wylam

Managing Director

tennis coach webpage

Sports Coach Web Pages is delighted to be able to offer Web Pages for all sports coaches. We use a template designed to promote the coach effectively whatever the sport.  If you cant see a coach for your sport, we will set it up for you. We provide high quality web pages, at a low cost. Please ‘Search‘ for a coach or ‘Purchase‘ your coach page by clicking the links provided.

Tennis Court

Sports Academies, Resorts and Sporting Travel Companies is delighted to be able to offer this new function to their site.  The aim of the site is to connect sports coaches and players to Academies and Resorts worldwide.  We are also focused on the avid spectator or fan, and for this reason we are also listing Sports Holiday Companies.  Please click here to search for Academies and Resorts and here to purchase your Academy site, and likewise click here to search for Holiday Companies and here to purchase your site…

booking solutions

Websites for Sports Clubs has for years offered low cost websites for tennis clubs. We are excited to have launched these websites in a newer, higher quality format.

Please ‘Search‘ for a Club or if you already like what you see, please ‘Buy‘ your website by hitting the relevant links.


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