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Demian Medvedev - Junior Tennis Player

Muratpasa, Antalya

Demian Medvedev

Very cheerful and energetic, I really like to win & I really like to play tennis

Education & Rankings
  • I’m studying at J-pro tennis academy, in Antalya city (Turkey)
  • Maximum rating in the Russian tour :22 in Russia, Was in the national team (but then went to live in another country)

Playing experience

I’ve been playing tennis for 9 years, and I’m not going to stop!



About you

Date of birth: (June 4, 2009)04.06.2009
Hand used: right
Height: 166 cm
Racket: Dunlop CX 200LS
Racket weight : 290 gr
Strings: Luxilon Alu power rough (130)
Clothing : Adidas
Shoes : Adidas
Favorite sponsors: So far there are no sponsors, but the favorite sponsors are Dunlop (tennis) and adidas (tennis)
Favorite player : Carlos Alcaraz
Career aspirations: To become the first in tennis Europe, to sleep the first in the world, and to win the US Open
Favorite tournament: US open
Best surface: I have two of them (hard court and Clay court)
Best Win: MED WTC world tennis cup April 10-15, 2023 (Antalya)
Goals for the year: To become the first in tennis Europe
Favorite quote: Try to win, so as not to lose.

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

My coach has always been my dad


Very energetic, curious and very kind, serious in training, and loves to play tournaments