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Dewald Linde


Dewald Linde

Dewald Linde is currently the assistant head coach at Boris Becker International Tennis Academy, a brand new and exciting facility based in the heart f Germany and lives by the philosophy: “Everyone falls, just make sure you fall forward!”

  • Academical achievements: 
    • 1st year qualification in athletic development Indiana State University (ISU) in Indiana (2004)
    • Sports Massage. University of Pretoria High Performance Centre 2004
    • Fitness Instructor, Exercise Teachers Academy, 2004
    • ITF CHP (Certificate of high performance) certification, the highest you can go in international tennis
    • South African Tennis Coaches Association (SATCA) qualified Professional coach; equivalent to International Tennis Federation (ITF) level 2 (2007)
    • Presenter at the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) 1st Continental Conference for Africa 2008.


    • National Diploma Officiating and Coaching Science; Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) 2007
    • Baccalaureus Technologiae Officiating and Coaching Science; Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) 2008
      • Subjects taken:
        • Year 1:
          • Coaching didactics and officiating
          • Marketing I
          • Anatomy and physiology
          • Sport management
          • Sport psychology I
          • Sport and exercise technology
          • ETA (Personal training)
        • Year 2:
          • Coaching didactics and officiating II
          • Marketing II
          • Human movement science and biomechanics
          • Sport management II
          • Sport psychology II
        • Year 3:
          • Sport management III
          • Sport psychology III
          • Coaching didactics and officiating III
          • Public relations I
          • Athlete development III
        • Year 4:
          • Sport management and administration IV
          • Sport psychology IV
          • Athlete development IV
          • Public relations IV
          • Coaching didactics and officiating IV
        • First Aid Level 1, Dynamic Development Institute, 2018

    Have written many psychological systems over the last years since 2005

    • Human movement and Biomechanical specialist

Coaching career:


  • Started coaching end 2003
  • Professionally qualified coach (Level 4)
  • Currently a National Selector for Tennis South Africa
  • Completing ITF CHP qualification end April 2022
  • Assistant coach for Gauteng East tennis association (2005)
  • Awarded Coach of the year at TUT 2006 to 2008
  • Coached numerous players at ITF tournaments both nationally and internationally, players range in ranking, from top 100 in the world to entering the ITF circuit. Multiple students that have attended PROSAT have been granted scholarships to study in the United States
  • Attended numerous coaching conferences and workshops hosted by Nick Bolleteiri, Thomas Hostedt and Richard Algurin to name a few
  • Attended a summer camp hosted by Techne Tennis and John Eagleton in 2017 in Dallas, Texas to become a master Techne Coach
  • Former head touring coach and co-owner at PROSAT, at Hazeldean, one of the biggest tennis academies in South Africa
  • PROSAT is a Centre of Apprenticeship where coaching scholars are required to fulfil set practical hours at our academy, thereafter we deem them competent or not competent
  • Senior coach at Alexander Waske Tennis University, mainly responsible for the ATP men players
  • Currently assistant head coach of Boris Becker International tennis academy in Hochheim, Germany


Coaching times & fees

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Further information

Dewald is affiliated with TSA as a professional coach, and PROSAT is recognized by TSA as a center of apprenticeship and tennis academy.

Dewald is associated with the ITF (International tennis federation) as a CHP certification holder

My love for tennis started at the age of 6. As a player I reached a national ranking as high as number 3 in South Africa, and number one in doubles. We didn’t have much exposure in the international scene, but was fortunate enough to play one ITF tournament in Namibia, where I reached 3rd place.

With regards to coaching, I have traveled the globe with international level players, both junior and ATP/WTA, junior and senior. I hold a bachelor’s degree in coaching and officiating sciences, as well as a CHP certification at the international tennis federation (ITF). I was a presenter at the ICCE sports congress in 2008 with my psychological system on motivation in individual sports, and have grown an immense passion for the mental side of tennis.

Here are some pictures of Dewald and some of his current and not so current champions.


Throughout my career I have learnt so much. Tennis is an absolute passion for me. I started at the age of 18, and instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Within 4 years I was a professionally qualifies coach through SATCA, and have already completed a couple of international tours with junior ITF players. I finished my Coaching and Officiating science degree, and was instantly on the road with players all over the globe. From junior to senior, both men and women. I have had the privilege or working with players as high as number 12 in the world, and look forward to deliver many  more such players.

As a coach and also as a parent, I have learnt that first and foremost, the most important thing you can teach a player is a value set. First develop the person, and then the player. If you develop a personality that can not be shaken, you can create a champion. This is applicable to both junior and senior level players.


My name is Chris Vermeeren and I am currently the director for Tennis and Sports Club Don Carlos Marbella and a partner for the Tennis Group Academy based in Magala, Spain. I was the former global director of tennis at Nike and the former general manager of Athletic DNA Europe. During my time at Nike I did signing, scouting, and servicing for worldwide Nike tennis players and events. I had the pleasure of signing Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal to Nike. Additionally, I created the Nike Junior Tour which is a worldwide series of junior tournaments that are meant to energize and develop young players through events and partnerships with Federations. I also worked as the general manager for Athletic DNA Europe which is a sports apparel company that focuses on manufacturing clothing for youth and adult tennis players. Currently my positions as a partner with Tennis Group Academy and the director for Sports Club Don Carlos Marbella allows me to assist in the development of young players hoping to advance further as professional players. I met Dewald Linde in 2015 where his current rising student was just starting out on the ITF tour. I took Dewald’s player to Potchefstroom, where I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of knowledge this little 14 year old had as a player. I stayed in contact with Dewald ever since and kept an eye on Lleyton Cronje’s progress. In 2019 I was invited to a Spanish/South African Tennis Camp hosted by PROSAT Tennis Academy at Curro Hazeldean, which is the current base for Dewald Linde. There I was not only able to share insight on player development and the sport as a whole, but I also had the chance to witness Dewald Linde’s immense skills and knowledge as a tennis instructor. Dewald has a great deal of experience coaching some of the most promising young tennis players around the world, and I can personally attest to the effectiveness and importance of his teachings. Sincerely,

Chris Veremeeren, former global director of tennis at Nike and the former general manager of Athletic DNA Europe


My name is Annette de Plooy and I am a former top ten ranking tennis player from South Africa. I have six singles and four doubles career titles and have been a Semi-Finalist in both the Australian and French Open beating Billie Jean King in the quarterfinal. As well, I have been a finalist in Wimbleton and the US Open. I have been a finalist in the South African Championships three times, taking the title in 1963 and 1975. Since then I have worked with organizations in South African to help better develop and strengthen tennis to what it is now within the country. I also currently have multiple international coaching tours so that I can work with both players and developing coaches. I have the honor of knowing Dewald and offer advice from time-to-time. Every great player needs a great coach to help them hone their skills and talents, and Dewald Linde has filled that very role for many exceptional players in the sport. As a former competitor as well, I can see how curated Dewald’s personal advice as an athlete impacts the growth of his students. The idea of coaching not only athletes but coaches themselves is important to Dewald as it forms a greater path to success within the sport of tennis. I have seen his impact on not only the tennis community in South Africa, but also in the United States. He has coached many athletes ranking on the junior (ITF) as well as the senior (ATP & WTA) international tour, as well as preparing many coaches to train successful players as well. It comes down to the added value of Dewald’s coaching. Based on my personal experience with Dewald Linde’s coaching tactics and his success, I can conclude that Dewald Linde is a true expert in this profession. His ability to work with and prepare each individual coach and player is evident in his success. I, as well as many other players and coaches, can attest that his tactics are very effective and that his accolades are well deserved.

Annette du Plooy, Former top 10 WTA ranked player and International level coach


My name is Thomas Hogsteadt, and I am currently the coach for tennis players Maria Sharapova and Zoe Kruger. I previously coached for Eugene Bouchard, Carolina Wozniacki, Simona Halep, and Madison Keys. Before my tenure as a coach for professional players such as these, I was a professional player myself having appeared in all four Grand Slams in my career. In 1981 I was the junior singles winner at the U.S Open and continued to appear in tournaments until my retirement. My highest ranking as a player was 38th in the world in singles in September of 1983. After my retirement as a professional player, I was able to easily transition into coaching and build my reputation throughout the professional tennis world. As a coach, I have coached some of the most successful tennis players in the world. Under my guidance, Maria Sharapova was able to regain her form in 2012 and win the French Open, complete a career Grand Slam, and reclaim the No. 1 ranking. That year, she also won silver in the 2012 London Olympics. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Maria has climbed her way back up the rankings after her brief break from the sport. Additionally, I have also coached Li Na who was a rising star at the time in 2008. During our time working together, Li broke into the top 10 of the world rankings and reached the semifinals of the Australian Open and the quarter finals of Wimbledon and the US Open. In 2016 I had the privilege of coaching Madison Key as she reached the finals of the Italian Open and the fourth round of Wimbledon. That same year, Madison moved into the top 10 rankings for the first time in her career at the age of 21. Dewald is an expert tennis instructor and can improve the skills of even the best tennis players. I have personally witnessed Dewald’s skills as a tennis coach in my own accomplished career. I have also personally signed and currently coach two sisters, who were former students of his who shows great promise. In 2017 I travelled with Dewald Linde to coach Zoe Kruger, one of his former students, at the 2017 Lagos Womens futures tournaments and I can personally attest to his extraordinary abilities.

Thomas Hogsteadt, World Known coach