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Jane Forman - Tennis Coach


Jane Forman

For 29 years Jane Forman, former world-ranked tennis professional, has been utilizing her many years’ experience of competitive play to transform the average player from a recreational tennis player into a competitive athlete by teaching the strategies and tactics that the pros use. Team Forman Tennis is a system that  provides an arena for recreational adult tennis players of all ages and levels to learn and compete to the best of their abilities. Team management, clinics, mini camps, and lessons are available locally and as a visiting pro to your facility. If you would Jane to come to you, contact her through this site or through her website.

Coaching times & fees

Locally: $80 Private
$120 Group
Visiting Pro
Per location and Program

Further information

Jane Forman Tennis Academy

Dade County Sports

Dade County Sports Foundation

Please visit www.janeformansports.com

V.I.P Brand Ambassador for Volkl Tennis


Here is a promotional video of how Jane works.  For more examples of how she can help you, please check out her You Tube Channel:  Team Forman Tennis Channel


Here is Jane and some of her players in action in recent times…

  • 29 years of on court coaching, all levels and abilities
  • 29 years of USTA and league management
  • In 2002, Jane created a Miami-based sports management group, Jane Forman Sports, that consisted of: (1) The Jane Forman Tennis Academy; (2) Jane Forman Golf School; and (3) Dade County Sports. Additionally, she established the Dade County Sports Foundation, which is a not-for-profit enterprise that provides sports scholarships to any of the sports programs managed by Jane Forman Sports. Each of these companies is unique; however, they are all similar in their mission to provide recreational sports programs for all ages, demographics, and levels of ability.
  • To date, over 9,000 children and 3,000 adults have taken part in a Jane Forman Sports program and over 450 kids have participated via a scholarship
  • High School and Middle Coach for  a prominent private school  in Miami, Riviera Prep