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Patricia Puzon - Tennis Coach


Patricia Puzon

Coach Pat is the director, founder and head coach of Mac’s Crankit Tennis Academy.  She is an ATPCA International Presenter for the Philippines – Master Pro Level 3.  Coach Pat has a vision to bring more tennis to the Philippines and has recently won a contract to enable ATPCA coaching qualifications to be presented to their coaches.


ATPCA International Presenter Philippines – Master Pro Level 3

Master Pro Level 3 Accredited Coach with ATPCA

Founder / Director / Head Coach of Mac’s Crankit Tennis Academy, Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Arts – Community Services Specialists

Business Frontline Management Certification Level 4

OH&S Certified to Level 4

Fitness & Gym Certified Level 3

Tennis Australia’s Tennis World Senior Coach

Coaching times & fees

Please click here to see more information on the availability and pricing for the programs Pat runs.

Further information

ATPCA – Philippines – Patricia is single handedly promoting the APTCA Courses to the Philippines – a lifetime goal for Patricia.

Mac’s Crankit Tennis Academy – Patricia is the owner / founder and head coach

Promotional video showing what Mac’s Crankit do for the underpriveleged individuals in their community.

Here is Patricia with some of her Academy students in action…  These photos really bring out the best in the students!


My love for tennis began when I was 13, playing tennis in my home town in the Philippines.  I was coached extensively during my early playing years.  This professional help from my coaches enabled me to reach a high standard and play competitive tennis all around the world.

My passion shifted from player to coach in 2012, when I started working as a coach full time in Sydney.  I discovered my love for coaching after I had taken the ATPCA courses from the graduate pro level training to the highest Master Pro Level 3 Course.  During my years training and learning I discovered what I believed to be my true calling – tennis coaching and mentoring.  Ever since then I have continued on a successful coaching career in Sydney.  Coaching has opened many doors and allowed me to inspire and empower many others, coaching tennis has allowed me to bring smiles to peoples faces and that is something I will eternally be grateful for.

After years of coaching in Australia, I had the realization that I wanted to standards of professional coaching via, ATPCA training courses to the Philippines – my country of origin.  Since that moment I have worked hard with ATPCA to make that dream a reality.  I truly believe that ATPCA Coach Training will provide opportunities for coaches and children in disadvantaged communities and will pave a positive way forward for those looking for a new passion and a further career in tennis.  I plan to share my passion and coaching knowledge for the betterment and development of the Filipino Tennis Community.  It is my hope to encourage and inspire many others to perform to their optimum, not only in sport but also in their daily lives.

God has gifted me with this talent to share and plant seeds to thousands of people who are desperate for education and training.  My dream is to give Filipinos the opportunity as Athletes and Coaches internationally and not feel neglected by the system.  I have served Australians through Community service and now it is my time to give back to my fellow Filipinos who not only deserve that chance but most importantly through ATPCA Courses and Qualifications we are giving them HOPE.


The short journey I've been on with MAC's CrankIt Tennis Academy has pushed my athletic ability to strive in playing a sport I only began with the help of coach Ronald and coach Patricia. The support given by my team members has boosted my confidence in being the best player I can be. If it wasn't for the close friendship and support between players, coaches and parents I wouldn't have the confidence to be improving rapidly. Therefore, I highly recommend MAC's CrankIt Tennis Academy to the wider community who are willing to be part of another family and exceed in tennis

Amy, Academy Player Aged 15


At Macscrankit we don't assess you due to your junior ranking success or favouritism, as we believe in developing an elite game for the future that will take you to the next level instead of focusing in a game that is conservative and pretty but isn't equipped in the mental challenges ahead in your career and can't penetrate through to the pro tours. At the present moment the tennis world is experiencing something completely new compared to 10-20 years ago, both in the men's and women's tennis careers thanks to the medical advancements in today's world, both male and female tennis athletes are peaking and playing their best tennis after the age of 30 and one good example is Li Na from China when she won two grand slams after the age of 30, and also men are peaking close to their 30's and even afterwards. That's is why at Macscrankit we opt to look for the person who has the work ethic, determination, passion and persistency to crank it all the way, instead of having lots of talent but all these other attributes are missing.

Leonardo Camach, Head Coach


t has been an intense, fun and unforgetable time at MAC's CrankIt Tennis Academy. I have developed so much here mentally, physically and tactically. I train with boys, at first it was uncomfortable but luckily I'm with boys who are nice and trustworthy, and now all of them are like brothers to me. They make me feel like I belong and they look after me. At MAC's CrankIt we always take it to the next level and actually tell the player what they're doing wrong and explain it. At MAC's CrankIt we train so we can help players who have priority and that's my favourite thing about MAC's CrankIt because we train people for their goals

AVEGAIL, Academy Player Aged 11 years old