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Mark Bradley - Tennis Coach

United Kingdom

Mark Bradley

I am a very experienced tennis coach with over 10yrs experience. I have coached all over the world to people of all ages and abilities. Tennis coaching has armed me with many skills such as working both independently and as part of a team, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and the ability to problem solve quickly and effectively. I have experience in running successful tennis programs and developing players in a fun, safe and efficient way that offers variety and meets the player’s needs. I have a huge passion for tennis and love passing on my knowledge onto others.


Level 3 – Accreditation

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Mark direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +447808861898
  • Or you can contact him using email on markbradley1986@outlook.com


Energetic Tennis Coach versed in training and developing strategies to transform athlete performance. Well-developed communication and problem-solving abilities with eye for detail and highly creative style.


Tennis Manager – Active Away – Marbella Resort – Greece (Corfu) (May 2021 – Oct – 2021)

  • Administrative duties in developing and implementing the programme.
  • Overview and update of the Website/ App for bookings.
  • Supporting the team in daily administrative tasks.
  • Assist in marketing and advertising the programme (e.g., social media, customer relations and web)
  • The delivery of the standardized Active Away Tennis programme.

Tennis Director – The Tennis Camp – (Birmingham) (Jul 2019 – Jan – 2020)

  • Communicated with customers by phone, email and in person daily to process orders, answer questions, and provide the best customer service possible.
  • Created logo, leaflets and promotional video.
  • Creating social media content.
  • Happy/ safe environment for both coaches and kids.

Tennis Director – Clontarf Gym – (Dublin) (Jan 2017 – Feb – 2019)

  • Manage the day-to-day running of the tennis department.
  • Support my team.
  • Equipment and court maintenance.
  • Manage staff reviews, appraisals and any disciplinary or grievance matters.
  • Supervise weekly tournaments.
  • Motivating my team to achieve targets.

Tennis Manager – US Sports Institute – America (New Jersey) (April 2013 – Nov-2016)

  • Promote the tennis programme and actively aim to increase participation.
  • Ensure health and safety is to the highest standard both on and off the courts.
  • Organize and host social events, deliver briefings and generally interact at all times.
  • Providing training days to staff.
  • Sourcing leads and maximizing sponsorship opportunities.
  • Oversea care of the tennis centre to ensure guest safety at all times.

Tennis Coach – Special Needs – Western Australia (Burswood) (Jul 2012 – Oct-2012)

  • Create a structured lesson plan that is suited to all levels of physical ability within the class.
  • Tailoring classes around different levels of agility and co-ordination.
  • Planning and directing games within a fun and enjoyable environment.

Tennis Coach – Tiny Tots Tennis – Western Australia (Bayswater) (Aug 2010-Jun-2012)

  • Ensuring the best possible learning in both a group environment and on a one-to-one level.
  • Instill confidence and provide encouragement to all students with special attentive support to children, set goals for future performances and monitor progress, whist answering questions and provide feedback.
  • Implementing and utilizing player development system.


I am writing in response to your request for a reference for Mark Bradley Mark worked for US Sports Institute from 2014 to 2017 as a professional tennis coach. Mark has proven time and again during his time in our employment his ability to take on any task asked of him with no complaints. He has worked out-with his comfort zone on occasion and has still produced the same outstanding results he has become known for. Mark has always been able to coordinate large groups of staff and numerous children. He has a natural way with people and is very comfortable and confident in leading situations. He remains very calm under pressure and is capable of adapting to situations at very short notice, He has also been placed in shared accommodation with other staff members during his time with us. In this situation, Mark has taken on the role of a mentor and teacher to the newer members of staff As a coach, Mark was second to none, He has an affinity with very young children (3-5 year olds) and they respond very well to him in a coaching environment. He also has a superb coaching style whilst working with children of any other age He is confident yet relaxed, assertive yet approachable and attentive yet calm. These factors make him stand out on our programmes and are just a few of the many reasons why he has succeeded within our company On a personal level, Mark has always treated his employers with a great deal of respect and has an exceptional work ethic. He has never had a day off sick. He is a dependable and reliable member of staff who always considers his actions when dealing with his peers, his employers and, most importantly, the children he has coached on behalf of US Sports Institute I hope this will be suitable as a reference, please feel free to contact me with any other questions that you may have Yours sincerely,

Kerri Drucker, Tennis Director, USA Sport Group (kerri@usasportgroup.com)


My relationship with Mr. Bradley began in early 2014 when I recruited him as a head tennis coach for US Sports Institute. As Tennis Director | was tasked with employing the best international, professional youth tennis coaches possible, Mr. Bradley certainly fulfilled that criteria. From and employer's perspective Mark proved to be exceptional in every way expected, his knowledge and passion within the sport of tennis is infectious and he soon had every one of his players feeling included, motivated and inspired. Mr. Bradley's ambition to open the sport of tennis to all ages and abilities is admirable, and his coaching style, instruction technique and ability to relate to new players of every age was unprecedented. Truly a great individual to any youth sports development organization. Highly recommended.

Mark Tolley, Former Director, US Sports Institute Current Director, Little Hero Sports Ltd. (Markt1985 @live.co.uk)