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Max Menegale - Tennis Coach


Max Menegale

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K.Trenfor –

I am a true passionate when it comes down to learn new things and teaching what I know, and still learn everyday, to students. I never stop reading and studying new concepts, drills, technical corrections.


PTR Certified Coach with the following courses:

  • Tennis Analysis
  • 10 & Under
  • Cardio Tennis
  • Tennis 11-17
  • Tennis Physical Training
  • Performance Training

Scientific Higher Diploma

Architecture Degree Graduation

Post University Masters in Energy Efficiency in Buildings


Coaching times & fees

Please contact me directly via email on maxmenegale@yahoo.it or using Phone / Whatsapp +39 347 581 6287


Please click here to view my full cv in PDF format:


The ability to find the golden path to satisfy both the client and myself is so important. As a tennis coach, it’s very  important to connect to different types of people, and help them getting better while trying not to force them into paths that don’t belong to the way they are as persons and athletes. Correct biomechanics is at the core of all of my lessons, since it’s the best way to prevent injuries too!

My method, which I named “Tennis Sherpa”, is based on simplifying and demystifying stuff and concepts to help people learn to play tennis faster and in such a less stressful way. After all, isn’t tennis supposed to be fun?

I am a very friendly person (being italian helps :))


Author: These are the books that I have written and published:

  • “MAESTRO” – A peRFect tennis – ALL OF KING ROGER’S SHOTS

2013 – 2022 – Full Time Tennis Coach

  • From Kids to Adults to Seniors of all skill levels
  • Tennis School for Groups and Individual Lessons.
  • Workshops on Technique and Mental Toughness
  • Video Analysis
  • Mentor for Online Lessons and Instruction

2002 – 2012 – Various Roles

  • Architect
  • Graphic Designer
  • 3 D Illustrator
  • Part Time Tennis Coach


Max Menegale is a coach of great experience both technical and tactical, and as a great ability in instilling concepts. You then have to add to this his willingness and kindness. All of these qualities make the lessons with him extremely pleasant and productive. Highly recommended

S. R. - Tennis Player


If you're searching for someone teaching you from the basics to the most advanced concepts... I recommend him! Humanity and professionality bonded together

GLS - Tennis Player


Tennis Sherpa methodology is one of the most modern and effective in Italy!

F. S. - Tennis Coach in Marbella