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Patrick Sebastian - Tennis Coach


Patrick Sebastian

I started playing at the tender age of 8. Nothing fancy, but more for school, colleges, districts, community tournaments, etc. Tennis has been in my family’s blood, since the beginning of the 70’s.

  • GPTCA (Global Professional Tennis Coach Association)
  • ATPCA (Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association)

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Patrick direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +60164449285
  • Or you can contact him using email on atpca.my@gmail.com



Been a coach for more than 7 years for all age groups.

  • More than 7 Years
  • Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced Players
  • Children and Adults
  • Group Sessions


Thank you Coach Pat for your patience and expertise. My whole family is now enjoying what we have learned from you. Would definitely avail of your service once we can come back there. Lots of thanks and all the best from us here at the land down under – Australia!

Gennie Miranda - Philippines


Thank you so much for this great first session as you provided all I expect from a coach: learning, trying, make mistakes but understanding the reason why, practising again and again to evolve. With just one session you taught me so much than in one month I’ve started from scratch. Coaching, sports training in Asia are really different mindset from Europe where we came from and with you I found what I’m looking for: Support but also correction to always improve. Thanks pat!

Marie Pfau - France


Thanks Patrick. Great coaching. From having no clue about how to hold the racket or what I was doing on the court, I now feel much more confident and relaxed when I ply and while I have some ay to go, I feel that the up hill part over the last period is now behind me and we can now focus on having much more fun. My mobility, especially with a slightly crook right knee has increased and my stamina is much enhanced. I would recommend that tennis is the idea game for all those who are stuck at home and putting on weight. Patrick you are a good coach. I have had a number of coaches over the last many years but somehow could not get beyond the basics. Tennis is not an intuitive game to learn and in the beginning one ends up having to pick up the balls all the time. I think in addition to your focus on teaching me to getting the mechanics of each stroke correct, I now find much more fun and my consistency is getting better.

Jeothish Babu - India