The Amazing Knowledge of Oscar Wegner

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sportsprosconnect.com in conversation with legendary Oscar Wegner

What is your greatest achievement in tennis?

I have changed the overall approach to tennis throughout the world, and it manifests mainly in the quality of today’s professional tennis players. Those who rise to the top demonstrate what I have brought into the open.

Who is the most famous tennis player you have coached and made an impression on?

Guga Kuerten, whom I coached from the age of 5 through age 14. He got into the Zone from quite a young age, later going on to win, under another coach, three French Opens. Also, when Bjorn Borg was just turning 35 I coached him for one month, and from that he recuperated his former game and his ability to be in the Zone.

As a player, what was your biggest achievement?

Playing and practicing with the greats and learning their keys to success, from Emerson, Newcombe, Roche, Stolle to Pancho Gonzalez, Pancho Segura and many others.

Who was your mentor and / or coach and who did you learn from the most?

From all those champions just named. They shared with me a great deal of how they felt about their own games.

You founded MTM (Modern Tennis Methodology), what is your coaching philosophy and how do you incorporate it into your coaching methods?

MTM is a summation of all that I learned from the best players of the game. I took each player’s best technical characteristics and created a model of what the highest standard would be for every stroke and every aspect of the game.

Tell us your favourite story about your time as a coach or as a player?

When coaching Bjorn Borg I told him he was rushing and that the more he waited on the ball the more time he would have. He responded “that is not logical”.   “OK”, I said, “do you recall playing the 1980 Wimbledon final against John McEnroe, with the long tiebreaker?” He said “yes”. So I asked “did you see the ball slow or fast?”. He thought about it and he said “slow”. So I asked him, “were you waiting for the ball, were you stalking it?”. He thought about it, and he responded “I was tracking the ball very long. I like the word tracking”. Then he looked at me and I saw the pupils of his eyes dilating as he said “I see what you mean”. I said “Great!” I had him back in the Zone!!!!  

sportsprosconnect.com is delighted to announce a partnership with MTM, where do you see this partnership going in years to come?

Changing the tennis world and tennis coaching for the better!!! Tennis is a sport that thrives on the player being natural, in present time, on serenity, simplicity, feel and instinct. Those are qualities of the inner being, and at MTM we strive to present tennis utilizing the best that is inherent in every person. Through sociatennis.com players and coaches alike will have the opportunity to discover just how simple and effective MTM is and how they can greatly enhance their tennis experience.

Finally, your coach web page with sportsprosconnect.com looks great in our directory. How significant is it for the modern day coach to have a web presence in order for the coach to maximise his business?

It is crucial for disseminating to a broad audience one’s unique message in a very personal way.  It gives every coach the opportunity to impress upon the masses that we work in an industry which can contribute to making a better sport, a better world, better understanding, and delivering it!!!

Please check out Oscars web page here….  https://www.sportsprosconnect.com/oscarwegner/


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