Big Changes for SPC!


I am really excited to be writing this latest update for our blog…  We are just a few weeks away from launching our brand new platform and finalising a full rebrand as ‘SportsProsConnect – Tennis & Padel’!


We have been working on this for more than a year now so we are delighted at coming into the final stages!  The rebrand started in August 2022 with filming for a brand new promo video, and has reached the point where the new platform is being tried and tested as we speak.  It has been a long and arduous summer contacting thousands of coaches asking whether they wish to remain on the platform, and if so which membership they wish to be part of!  We now have 550 coaches who see the vision and future of ‘SPC – Tennis & Padel’.


Although this figure has been cut down by almost half, we sincerely believe that these coaches will continue to be part of our platform for years to come!  These tennis, padel, fitness, & mental coaches will be part of our professional service which has so much to offer!  These coaches see the value of promoting and investing in themselves!


During our re-brand we are not just offering a like-for-like service under a new platform, but innovating for the future!  On the new platform we are offering coaches different membership packages which aim to help these coaches in different ways.  We will also be diversifying into helping tennis players by offering scholarships, mentorship programmes, promotion, sponsorships, finding travel coaches and much more.  We are also offering academies the option of finding players and coaches through our unique passion for the game and networking.


Gold Memberships:
Perhaps our proudest innovation would be our ‘Gold Membership’ for coaches!  We have been pre-selling to existing and new potential coaches and have to date 65 ‘Gold Members’.  The benefits of our Gold membership can be seen in the graphic below, however we are particularly excited about the video CVs of which we now have more than 20 finalised!  Our Gold Members will be listed at the top of the platform on doing a ’search’ and will be found on our home page too!
Important Dates:
1) All existing members of the platform will be ’transferred’ onto the new platform on week commencing Monday 11th September
2) Last call for new members at discounted prices will be Friday 8th September
3) Official Launch Date of new platform aimed at week commencing Monday 18th September


Price Increases:
As a new member you now have until the 8th September 2023 to register onto the platform at our lower rates!
Below are are membership fee changes:

🔷 Gold Membership (Coach) – Currently €190 per year increasing to €270 per year with new platform – https://sportsprosconnect.com/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=9

🔷Silver Membership (Coach) – Currently €110 pr year increasing to €150 per year with new platform – https://sportsprosconnect.com/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=1

🔷Academy Membership – Currently €300 per year increasing to €360 per year with the new platform – https://sportsprosconnect.com/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=3

🔷 Player Membership – Currently €120 per year increasing to €150 per year with the new platform – https://sportsprosconnect.com/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=7

If you sign up to any of these memberships before the cut off dates we will honour your rates until you cease to become a member!


Having started up as a tennis coaching jobs platform in October 2019, we have placed well over 350 tennis coaches with jobs worldwide!  The idea came as we firmly believe that the industry needs to be more professional. You can no longer become employed on a ‘word of mouth’ basis, and now far more clubs, academies, resorts, federations and players are seeing this!  With a brand new platform focusing on tennis and padel we sincerely believe that the time is now to launch a new wave of recruiting within the racket sports industry!


If you are a coach looking for employment, an academy looking for coaches, or a player looking to take your game to the next level, please register onto the platform and help us to change racket sports for the better!

Until next week,



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