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Alen Avidzba - ATP Tennis Player


Alen Avidzba

I am 21 years old. I am from Russia, Sochi. I started playing tennis at 6 years old. My 1st coach was Tatyana Zinina I was practicing in Sochi until 12-13 years old ,then I moved in Moscow for almost 2 years, my coach there was Artem Derepasko. Then at 15 years old I went in the local club in Paris to practice there for 1 year and after that I’ve moved to south of France ,in Cannes.

Education & Rankings

My current ranking is 461, my best ranking was 380.

Playing experience

I started to play at 6 years old. From 8 to 11 I played Russian tournaments only. Then at 12 I started to play Tennis Europe tournaments . At 12 I won 2 team Europe cups with Russian team ,I won Eddie Herr and made final on the Nike Junior Tour and final in Auray international championship. At 14 I was number 1 in the tennis Europe ranking ,at 15 started to play ITF tournaments, I won 2 tournaments in ITF Grade2 At 16 with Russian team won junior Davis cup and made 1st semifinal on 10K futures At 17 won 2 tournaments grade1 and best junior ranking was 16 and then was injured for 8 months At 18 won my 1st 25K+H got into top 500 ATP. At 19 made quarter final in ATP challenger and got the best ranking 380 ATP In 2020 covid started and this year I was injured for 6 months and restart playing now !

About you

Date of birth: February 24, 2000
Hand Used: Right
Height: 191cm
Racket: Technifibre
Clothing: was Nike( currently nothing)
Shoes: was Nike( currently nothing)
Any Sponsors:  I get help from Russian Federation
Favourite Player: Del potro
Career Aspirations:
Favourite Tournament: French Open
Best Surface: Clay
Best Win: Dellien, Mayer
Goals for the coming year:  Enter Top 200
Favourite Quote: Stillness is the key

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

I am currently practicing in All In Academy in Villeneuve Loubet. My coach is Emmanuel Heussner and the owner of the academy Thierry Acsione is also helping me a lot.


Alen has lots of potential in his tennis game . He became now so much more mature than before and it will help him a lot for his future . His game is active and aggressive ,he has good data . When he was a junior player ,he was definitely playing with all the guys like : Felix Alliasime and some other guys who are now top 100, so Alen was beating them or at least was playing at the same level ,so it definitely means he has the level. Unfortunately due to his injuries which happens often ,it’s tough for him to find a rhythm of tournaments but he will.. once he will treat the injuries well . He works a lot on every aspects ,mental skills ,tennis game, physical.. it’s important to also have a good surrounding ,good people around ,I am Not sure that Alen had such a good surrounding around him . But now I think things set up. He is in academy ,the surrounding is perfect! He is on his way. And the most important he has the level, his strength is serve and forehand :)