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Player Seeking Sponsorship - Anna Morgina


Anna Morgina

Hi, my name is Anna Morgina I’m a Russian professional tennis player with highest WTA ranking in singles #316 and doubles #165 . I have been traveling without a coach since i turned pro in 2013, and I’m currently seeking support during the pandemic and my future career as an athlete after its over to be able to achieve my goal of becoming a top 100 player.

Education & Rankings
  • Current rank WTA 497 singles, WTA 280 doubles
  • best rank WTA 316 singles and WTA 165 doubles.
  • Went to University of South Carolina, with bachelor degree hospitality management graduated in 2013 and turned pro after.

Playing experience
  • Started tennis at 7 years old, went to university in America at 17 y/o and since 22 have been playing pro ( 6 years)
  • have 37 ITF pro titles in doubles

  • 13 singles ITF titles.

About you
  • Dob: 21/08/1991
  • Hand Used: Right handed
  • Height: 1m 72cm
  • Racket/strings: Pacific (sponsor)
  • Clothing: Bidi Badu
  • Shoes: Asics (no sponsor) used to have Mizuno sponsor for clothes and shoes, would love to get it back (best shoes i ever wore)
  • Sunglasses: Oakley sport glasses
  • Favourite players: Justine Henin and Roger Federer
  • Career aspirations: to become a top 100 player
  • Favourite tournament: (US Open) but never played.
  • Best surface: Hard court
  • Best wins: Michaela Buzarnescu in 2017, Robin Anderson(wta 150) in 2019, Valentina Ivakhnenko (160 WTA) in 2018 and 2019, Motserrat Gonzalez (ex 150 wta), Yuki Naito (wta 170) , Quirine Lemoine (wta 130) in 2017
  • Goals for the year: Hard to tell with pandemic going on, but I am trying to keep myself in shape and train. For 2021 my goal is to be top 200
  • Favourite quote: ‘Those, who dont practice hard dont deserve to win.’

Some of my highlights in a recent video…

Here is what Victoria Kan (WTA #220) has to say about me…

“Prefers fast and aggressive tennis, and at the meantime she is very consistent. Great backhand and attacking game style. Great doubles player and very supportive partner”

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Info on coaches:

  • Currently coached by IGOR KIREEV of Russia
  • Worked with ALEXEY KAPERSKIY of Russia from 2013-2020
  • I usually travel by myself.
  • At 13 y/o moved to Egypt with my father, he has been my fitness coach until I went to university at 17. And until now I also come to Cairo when i have a chance.

Info on Academies attended:

  • ITS Tennis Academy in Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Koza Wos academy in Istanbul, Turkey.



Amazing backhand down the line, and when she is calm she can easily beat a top 100 player

Alexey Kaperskiy, Russia - Anna's former coach


Anna is a true professional. She is 100% dedicated to her goals, hard worker and a player which deserves best possible conditions to work and progress. She works with love and passion, and simply trying to improve herself every practice

Jure Udovicic, Croatia - Anna's former coach


My favourite doubles partner. Her support is just amazing and its so comfortable to play with her. Her game is very aggressive and consistent, she can be a top 100 singles and doubles with the right approach and support

Yana Sizikova (WTA doubles #90) - Anna's doubles partner