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Mikheil Chaduneli - Performance Tennis Coach


Mikheil Chaduneli, Teaching Tennis Professional.  Started playing tennis at age of 6 at Club Dinamo, Tbilisi with coach Rena Abzhandadze…


Game rules:

  • Physical and endurance training Offensive and defensive strategy Group facilitation
  • Athlete safety
  • Team Training
  • Performance improvements
  • Fitness assessments
  • Exercise planning
  • Organization and Time management Relationship-Building
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Coaching times & fees

Please contact Mikheil on email or WhatsApp for more information on availability…

Playing Experience:

  • Early years and juniors mostly competing in Georgia. Winner of multiple regional and National tournaments among Irakli Labadze and Irakli Ushangishvili.
  • 1998-2002 competition and hitting partner work experience, with coach Vladimir Gabrichidze.ITF Juniors ranked.
  • 2000-2002 National champion Men’s singles and doubles, Davis Cup player, ATP ranked 1320 singles and doubles. Most notable win Rohan Bopanna ATP high 3 doubles/213 singles.

Hitting partner experience work: 2000-2002

  • Irakli Labadze ATP high 42;
  • Anna Chakvetadze WTA high 5;
  • Margalita Chakhnashvili WTA high 134.


  • Playing and Hitting partner experience Florida, USA: mostly competing on USTA Men’s Open and Prize Money Events. High ranked #1 2004.
  • Notable wins: Mario Tabares ATP high 131; Bertrand Madsen ATP high 246; Ricardo Mena ATP high 279; Denis Zivkovic ATP high 292; Chris Kwon ATP high 447.
  • Private hitting partner experience: Varvara lepchenko WTA high 19 and Lioudmila Skavronskaia WTA high 124 (travel); Anna Tatishvili WTA high 50; Salome Devidze WTA high 254; Sofia Melikishvili WTA high 259.
  • 2006-2007 travelling coach and hitting partner for Varvara Lepchenko.

  • Junior Mark Wu Washington University ,St. Louis with coach on video below. 2020


Tennis Coach, 01/2003 to 07/2003 – Rick Macci Tennis Academy – Pompano Beach, FL

  • Part time hitting partner for Ekaterina Afinogenova WTA career high 219 and Lauren Albanese WTA career high 158.
  • Running groups for camp

Tennis Coach, 01/2004 to 01/2006 – Match Point Tennis Academy – Kendall, FL

  • Teaching high performance groups and private lessons.
  • Worked as hitting partner for multiple WTA players: Vera Dushevina WTA career high 31 and Tatiana Panova WTA career high 20

Tennis Teaching Professional, 01/2007 to 07/2013 College Park Athletic Club – Bannockburn, IL

  • Developed game plans and adjusted to meet various game situations.
  • Evaluated tapes of competition matches to assess strategies and plan counter approaches.
  • Encouraged everyone to cultivate strong work ethic by demonstrating diligence, patience and respect for others.
  • Promoted stretching, mobility work and proper form to help athletes safely build strength through diverse training methods.
  • Introduced games and drills, which helped students to better develop skill levels.
  • Increased player strength, agility and game skills through successful practices.
  • Established clear benchmarks for performance and monitored individual and team progress.
  • Promoted proper stretching, warmups and conditioning exercises to prevent sports injuries.
  • Resolved problems, improved operations and provided exceptional service.

Tennis Teaching Professional, 09/2014 to 11/2020 Northbrook Racquet Club – Northbrook, IL


  • Denis Bogatov Michigan State University( Illinois State Champ)
  • Blake Bazarnik University of Illinois ( Illinois State Champ)
  • Eric Spector Northwestern University (Illinois State Finalist)
  • Dave Bacalla Valpo University
  • Michelle Bacalla University of Iowa
  • Jacob Edelchik Lehigh University (Illinois State Champ)
  • Mark Wu Washington University
  • Nikita Filin National Recruiting Network #13

USTA Men’s Open and Prize Money Events among Midwest College Players.

Notable wins:

  • Ryan Rowe ATP high 726 University of Illinois;
  • Dennis Nevolo ATP high 345 University of Illinois;
  • Billy Heiser University of Illinois;
  • Ben Vandixhorn Northwestern University;
  • Bradley Holt ATP high 1579 Western Illinois University. 2014-2020

Coaching Skills:

  • Working with high performance development: Privates, semi-privates, and groups
  • Tournament training : Privates, semi-privates, and groups
  • 10 and under: Privates, semi-privates, and groups
  • Adult (men and women): Privates, semi-privates, and groups
  • Current Playing level: Competing on USTA Men’s Open & Prize Money Events- UTR 11-12 Part-time Hitting Partner for Stefan Kozlov current ATP 375.