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Pepe Pinto - Tennis Coach


I am a passionate coach, and entrepreneurial in spirit. Very much interested in education. Admittedly, my ideal court is a bit extra. According to most – my court “takes tennis too seriously.”

According to my court, we take tennis “exactly as it should be taken.”

In a sport where tradition prevails sacrosanct, my ideal court treats trainings like a deep conversation with one’s self.

In this after-Modern theme of instant gratification and derivatives of tennis, my ideal court is trying to follow craftmanship rather than trends, patient to the mastering of speed over power, sensation over thoughts and consistency overall— training out loud and under fire; holding forth a warrior like gesture to the world…

My ideal court does not care for careless displays of non-dramatic irony, my court dreams for the hero’s journey.
My ideal court—knows that tennis is a living culture—is at least certain that some things have predictive power.
I believe my ideal court needs to be built from inside out, and that cannot simply be found, but made, with bare hands. my sole aim will be to aim for the culture of my ideal court, where tennis is taken exactly as it should be taken, seriously.


Country of Citizenship: Portugal/Venezuela
Coach Certification: Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

PTR Credited Courses:
o Establishing a Philosophy for tennis by Joey Scrivano
o İntegrated Mental Skills for Training by Merlin Van De Braam
o Developing High Performance Tennis Players – Edgar Giffenig
o Cooperative & Competitive Drills by Leah Friedman
o Best Serve & Return Drills by Jorge Capestany
o Creating a Developmental Plan – Jorge Capestany

Online Coaching Workshops:
· How To Make a Real Difference Teaching & Coaching by the USPTA
· Fundamentals of The Volley & Drills to Use Them by Coach Joey Scrivano

In-Person Workshop:
· Educatenis Workshop with Joel Figueras
· Global Experience with Jofre Porta

Coaching Influence:

· Joel Figueras
· Joffre Porta
· Chino Gerosi

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Pepe direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +34690170671
  • Or you can contact him using email on coach.pepepinto@gmail.com


Formal Education:
Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA

· Spanish – Native
· English – Native
· Portuguese – Fluent
· Turkish (B1)

Founder of Top College USA: www.topcollegeusa.co


Top College USA:


My company is created under a community of tennis enthusiasts and coaches with the vision to support and respect the academic and tennis trajectory of each player who is part of Top College USA. We offer a personalized service that pays attention to their goals and preferences to find the option that best suits each athlete, as well as providing follow-up at each stage of the process during their stay in the United States, as it should be


Coach of Turkish National Team Player Nisan Can (UTR 8.77)
Coach of Former U14 Turkish National Team Player Alara Ayaz (UTR 9.17)
Travel Coach for former Turkish National Team Player Aren Baybars (UTR 10.71)
14U Program assistant for Onur Binay – Former Technical Director of The Turkish Tennis
Rafa Nadal Tennis Centre Greece.
Rafa Nadal Academy Annual Competition Team Under Spain’s Fed Cup Captain Anabel Medina.
Pre-Season with French National Team Player Moise Kouame (UTR 12.36) at Mouratoglou’s Champ Seat

Founder of Top College USA – Scholarships, as it should be.

ench National Team Player Moise Kouame at Mouratoglou’s Champ Seat


‘Pepe is in constant cooperation with the organization around him. He tries to add fearlessness to his athletes on and off the court. While doing this, he uses valuable examples from life.’

- Helder Araujo – U14 National Team Captain for the Portuguese Tennis Federation.


‘When I worked with Pepe, I felt that I was dealing with a very good professional. He showed that he was able to work with any group. His style is quite impressive, he can communicate very well with both children and performance players. He shows many talents in teaching, communicating, organizing and he is very social. Those skills contributed for a smooth and pleasant environment inside the team. Pepe excelled at teaching players the rules, strategies of the game, physical condition on court, stroke techniques and is very good finding exercises to improve tennis specific skills. I believe that Pepe would be a great fit for a visionary tennis club, and will surprise you how quickly he can drive success to the team.

José Mota - Head Coach at Braga Tennis Club


‘I have worked for more than a year with Pepe. During that time, he made a great contribution to his athletes, planning loading periods meticulously. I have witnessed these processes closely; and I can say that he is a great asset.’

Ertun Bozkurt – Athletic Performance Head Coach at Vamos Academy in Türkiye


As soon as I started showing interest in Pratt, Pepe got to work. Within a day, he had contacted the school, received all the information I requested and scheduled a video call for me to speak with the coach. Not only has he been extremely efficient and professional during this process, but he has also been a great support. Even now that it's all over he continues to show support and concern for my path ahead. Pepe genuinely cares about his players, which can't be said for everyone. I am sure we will stay in touch for a long time and certainly Top College USA should take him into consideration if you are looking for an efficient transition in your new tennis experience

Kayla Abraham - Tennis player - Pratt Institute of New York


It was such a pleasure to work with Top College USA. The recruiter was very attentive and helpful during the process. He made me feel like I was a priority and tried always to meet my expectations. He made this recruiting process enjoyable, and I had a great time working with him. I’m excited about my future

Raquel Rodrigues - Tennis player - Louisiana Christian University


Throughout the process I felt the recruiter had my back. I was a priority, he provided me with options, and curated the colleges based on my needs. Would not have done this in any other way

Ada Karabacak - Tennis player - University of North Alabama