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Pepe Pinto - Tennis Coach


Pepe Pinto

I am a passionate coach, and entrepreneurial in spirit. Very much interested in education.


Professional Tennis Registry (PTR)

  • PTR Prime Five (Includes Integrated Mental Skills for Training by Merlin Van De Braam)
  • Creating Games That Will Do the Teaching – Judy Murray
  • Establishing a Philosophy for tennis by Joey Scrivano
  • Developing High Performance Tennis Players – Edgar Giffenig
  • Cooperative & Competitive 10U games by Leah Friedman
  • Best Serve & Return Drills by Jorge Capestany
  • Creating a Developmental plan – Jorge Capestany

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Pepe direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +351932294575
  • Or you can contact him using email on coach.pepepinto@gmail.com



  • Spanish – Native
  • English – Native
  • Portuguese – Native
  • Turkish (A2)

Players whom I helped to receive scholarships in the U.S

Player: Ada Karabacak (UTR 8.81) / College: University of North Alabama

Player: Pavel Kelo (UTR 11.9) / College: University of Eastern Florida

Player: Raquel Rodrigues (UTR 7.5) / College: Louisiana Christian University

Player:  Luis Miguel Saraiva (UTR 11.4) / College: Cowley College 


  • Currently: Coach at Rafa Nadal Academy at Sani, Greece.

  • Coach of Turkish National Team Player Under 14 Nisan Can (UTR 9.10)
  • Travel Coach, Stockholm Super Category for former Turkish National Team Player Aren Baybars (UTR 10.2)
  • Binay Tennis Academy 12U Program. (Onur Binay’s Academy – Former Technical Director of The Turkish Tennis Federation.
  • Braga Tennis Club with Head Coach Jota Mota and Portuguese national coach Helder Araujo


Coach Pinto, while making the tennis sport easier to understand and applicable for the athletes he trains, he is in constant cooperation with the organization around him. He tries to add depth, understanding and perspective to his athletes not only on the tennis court but also outside the field. While doing this, he uses valuable examples from life.

Helder Araujo – National Team Captain for the Portuguese Tennis Federation U14, and coach responsible for U14 junior development for the Portuguese tennis federation at the Porto location.


I'm proud to recommend José Pinto for a coaching position at any tennis club. I'm José Mota the Head coach and the tennis director at Clube de tenis de Braga, where I worked with José as one of our coaches. When I worked with Coach José I felt that I was dealing with a very good professional. He showed that he was able to work with any group age and get the feeling of what he can and should work with any of them. José is very impressive in his style of coaching others, having the ability to comunicate very well with any group level. From U7 kids group to the Competition group. Coach José shows many talents in teaching, communicating, organizing and he is very soccial. Those skills contributed for a smoth and pleasant environment inside the team. Coach José excelled at teaching players the rules, strategies of the game, physical condition on court, stroke tecniques and is very good finding exercicies to improve all those abilities. I believe that Coach José would be a great fit for the position at any tennis club, and will surprise you how quickly he can drive success to the team.

José Mota - CTBraga Head coach/Tennis Director


I have experienced the way Pepe works, and if I were to describe him and his methods short and to the point I would say passionate quality coaching.

Matej Backaga – Head Coach at the Rafa Nadal Centre in Sani, Greece.