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Constantine Diamataroulas - Tennis Coach


Young coach already with a lot of experience , In all diferrent types of coaching : kids, adults ,advanced players, beginner , group and private lessons. Talented on communication and full of ideas. I approach tennis with a very enjoyable wat and a personal type of coaching.

Every player that trained with me still texting me until this day Even if it was a short time training. Ready for my next big challenge and ready to give my best ideas and knowledge in every type of project. Traveller and polyglot.


Won many local or city tournaments both in greece and italy . No participations on competitive tennis after covid though , only coaching.

Sports lover with big athletic background . I was competing   high level football and tennis  even though I sticked with the tennis . I have a huge general athletic experience and i can understand better sports  psychology than the most of the people. Especially from the ones that played only one sport. Natural talent in sports

  • 2019 : 6 months as an assistant coach in Greece ace academy
  • 2019 : 3 months assistant coach to a different academy of the same coach when he move in Lyttos tennis
  • 2020 : 1 year at the academy of Pistoia Italy as a coach private and group lessons
  • 2022 : 1 year of coaching in 4 and 5 star resorts In Calabria Italy with players all over the world and all type of levels
  • 2023 : 1 year of private coaching of specific students in my town and part time coaching again in the Pistoia tennis academy


You are always welcome mate, my door will always be open for you . I wish you all the best. You can contact me anytime when you need to comeback ! Was a pleasure working with you

Sr. F / Resort tennis coach / Owner of S.T


You are the best person and one of the best players i've ever had work with . Wish the time will bring us back together. Keep up like this humble , happy and hard working.

Sr. S/ assistant coach / Coach Of Lyttos