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Cristina Ribé - Tennis and Padel Coach


My deep passion for the sport drives me to inspire and guide players of all levels, helping them grow both on and off the court. I strongly believe in the power of hard work and discipline, along with the valuable insights gained from the feelings experienced during practice sessions.

  • Master’s Degree in Tennis Analysis, Development, and Innovation at MEDAC
  • CAFE, UBAE (Upper cycle of physical activities and sports)
  • Fitness Conditioning Certificate, Orthos
  • Advanced Personal Training Program Certificate, Orthos
  • Sports Physical Preparation Specialist Certificate, ANEF
  • Functional Training Certificate, ANEF
  • Level 1 Tennis Coach Certification, FCT, Spain
  • Level 1 Padel Coach Certification, FCP, Spain
  • Spinning Instructor Certificate: Schwinn Cycling
  • Lifeguard Certificate, Eurofitness
  • Diving Certificate: Open Water Diver in Raya’s Diving
  • Basic Navigation Skipper Certificate (PNB) in Nautical School of Barcelona

Coaching times & fees

You can contact Cristina via email or through WhatsApp.

  • Email: cristinaribealujas@gmail.com
  • +34 699240274

Further information



My name is Cristina, and I’m truly passionate about tennis and the various teaching methodologies to help each player reach their goals. I enjoy planning, biomechanics, and applying theoretical knowledge into practice.

I’ve always been involved in sports, and I continue to be active. Currently, I’ve been training in crossfit for 5 years, but I’ve also participated in other sports such as mountain biking, tennis, padel, soccer, swimming, climbing, snowboarding, and basketball.

I look forward to sharing my passion for sports and contributing to the success of our team.

  • Tennis coach | Club tenis Reus Monterols (2013), present in RCTB-1899 (Real Club de Tenis Barcelona): Leading on-court training sessions, coordinating various base school groups, programming exercises, and designing specific tasks for players’ continuous evolution. I was in charge of managing the ballkids at the Conde de Godó Trophy in Barcelona, Spain for two years (2023 and 2024)
  • Padel coach | FairPlay Barcelona (2014-2021) present in Royal Padel Academy: Managing school groups, season planning, designing individual and group sessions, and overseeing players’ physical preparation through quarterly tailored programs based on their levels.
  • Personal Trainer at EMS Firme 20 and Electrogym Barcelona (2015-2018): Designing individualized training programs tailored to each client’s fitness level, with a focus on isometric and aerobic exercises, complemented by concentric and plyometric exercises, and incorporating a range of motion to promote muscle elasticity.